Appearing for the legal studies exam? EBC introduces — Legal Studies: Class XI — Covers the CBSE Syllabus comprehensively!

Legal Studies for Class XI by S.K. Kaushik, is a must-read for students appearing for the Legal Studies exam. It covers the syllabus comprehensively and contains exercises for the thorough preparation of the subject. The book is divided into five units, which are political theories, nature and sources of law, historical evolution of the Indian legal system, structure of Indian Judiciary and personal laws.

The text has been created keeping in mind the age of the readers. It introduces the intricacies of the legal system and its impact on society, into the young minds of the students, who, in the future will be able to use this knowledge to evolve as dutiful citizens of India. A careful study of this book will open new vistas for the students and give them a decisive direction in life.

Notable features of this book include:

  1. Updated with the latest CBSE syllabus for Class XI.
  2. Explains all topics comprehensively and in a logical manner.
  3. Contains an outline of detailed contents before every chapter.
  4. Special features such as Do You Know?, Definitions, Notes, Important Facts, etc. included.
  5. Includes tasks and exercises at the end of every chapter for revision.

This book is indispensable for Class XI students who want to ace their exams and an excellent read for anyone who wishes to get an insight into the legal system of the country.

Table Of Contents

Unit 1- theory and Nature of Political institutions

1. Concept of State and Nation

2. Organs of Government

3. Separation of Powers

4. Basic Features of the Constitution of India

Unit 2- Nature and Sources of Laws

1. Nature and Meaning of Law


3. Sources of Law

4. Law Reform

5. Major Works of Jurists

Unit 3- Historical evolution of the Indian Legal System

1. Ancient Indian Law

2. Administration of Justice in British India

3. Drafting of Indian Constitution

Unit 4- Judiciary: Constitutional Civil and Criminal Courts and Processes Constitution, Roles and impartiality

1. Constitution, Roles and Impartiality

2. Civil Courts in India

3. Structure and Functioning of Criminal Courts in India

4. Other Courts in India

Unit 5- Personal Laws

1. Family Justice System

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