Britishers’ Rule in India (A legal text with a historical perspective) offers a unique and well-researched historical perspective of the evolution of law during the Britishers’ rule in the Indian subcontinent and includes a commentary on the Government of India Act, 1858. Further, it has a selective commentary on the Government of India Act, 1935 and the Indian Independence Act, 1947 (preceding 350 years’ prelude to the Constitution of India).

S.P. Singh Chauhan, Advocate, Supreme Court of India, author of many law/literary books, has been a recipient of 22 prestigious awards. A scion of Prithviraj Chauhan Dynasty, the Author’s forefathers sacrificed their lives and their seat of governance (Kanti Paintalisee – a Quasbah) in their quest for freedom from Britishers’ Rule in the First Freedom Struggle of 1857.

Rare photographs from the Author’s family album, forgotten treasures from other private collections as well as timeless finds from Archives have enriched the text with an illustrated narrative which will transport the reader to the world of yesteryears of Colonial Era and the rule of law then prevailing.

An impressive inclusion of landmark cases during British rule and their various interpretations in the successive contemporary decades by the Supreme Court of India and several High Courts make for great learning and insightful reading.

S.P. Singh Chauhan equally enjoys a long and intellectual association with several luminaries and legendary figures on subjects of law including Constitutional Law, Literature and Theology.


“My interaction with the author, started when I was heading the Sarkaria Commission on Centre-State Relations.  His views on the Evolution of Society from patriots to musclemen and on a few Articles of the Constitution expressed in the literary books of the Author, convinced me that Shri Chauhan is a believer in integrated humanity and constructive work.  I have been insisting that he should continue his literary and legal pursuits.”

—Justice R.S. Sarkaria, Judge, Supreme Court

“The book travels through East India Company’s entry in Indian Territory as traders, and chronicles the law-making process through their rise and fall in power from the days of British Empire to the freedom struggle and then independent India. Chapters include revolutionaries, the conduct of the principles of the Princely states, cabinet missions and a comprehensive commentary on the Government of India and the Indian Independence Act. A unique perspective into the trajectory of British power and laws made during the time through an understanding of both British and contemporary social and political influences.” (Excerpt from the Foreword)

—Justice R.F. Nariman, Judge, Supreme Court

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