EBC’s new addition — Legal Studies for Class XII | Best way to understand the basic social fabric of our nation! [Buy your copy now!]

Vaneeta Patnaik’s Legal Studies for Class XII, is a comprehensive textbook following the syllabus laid down by the CBSE Board. Each chapter has been written by leading luminaries in their field from academics in the faculty of India’s premier law schools to judges and lawyers. Their combined knowledge aims to develop in students a basic understanding of the social structure enveloping them and help them take an objective view of law as a career option. The language used is simple for an easy understanding of complex topics by young and eager minds. Exercises have been added at the end of every chapter for students to test themselves.

This book has an introductory chapter on the Judiciary and briefly dwells into the various fundamental topics of law such as Property, Contracts, Torts, Constitution of India and Administrative Law. It then moves on to dispute resolution mechanisms available and developed in addition to the regular judicial process. It also focusses on issues of human rights and the current face of the legal profession in India. The sixth chapter explains the legal aid services available in India and finally, the last chapter throws light on international law.

This book has been written for Class 12th students, who have taken up Legal Studies as a subject. The syllabus of this course is tailored for those aspiring to enter premier law schools for a career in law; however, it will also go a long way in helping to understand the basic social fabric of our nation and its everyday functioning, even for those who have other career aspirations.


  • Judiciary
  • Topics in Law
  • Arbitration, Tribunal Adjudication and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Human Rights in India
  • Legal Profession in India
  • Legal Services
  • International Context

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