Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad; 4th National Moot Court Competition: Live Blogging and updates

Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad; 4th National Moot Court Competition: Live Blogging and Updates

This is the blogging team signing off ! Until next time – Meghna Mishra , Priyanka Talwar , Prashastha Cormaty, Vidhi Krishali , Gabriella Martin , Meenakshi Shriram

6.35 PM: As all things must come to an end , the finale of 4th national moot court competition was enthralling , memorable , gripping and compelling . The valedictory ceremony was to bid adieu to all the participants and guests of honor .
The three day event came to an end with promises of coming back next year with a bang.

6.30 PM:The Vote of Thanks was proposed by the Deputy Director.
She thanked the guests for their presence in the NMCC this year.
She also appreciated the support of the Director and Faculty in Charge of the MCA.
Finally, she thanked the members of the MCA, volunteers, participants from various universities, staff and students.

6.25 PM: Runners up is awarded to Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, New Delhi.

6.23 PM: The award for the best memorial goes to the participants from Rizvi College, Mumbai.
The best speaker is awarded to the counsel from University of Mumbai.

6.20 PM: Honorable Justice Shri Ashim Kumar Roy quoted ” I believe that every future endeavor of yours will be a grand success” as he is in awe while witnessing the crisp and pellucid performance of every being who had worked day and night for the 4th national moot court competition .

6.10 PM: “The moot problem is work of a genius” Prof. Sripathi dwarkanath said while appreciating the efforts of Mr. Supratim

6.00 PM: The gathering is being addressed by one of our very own Mr. Supratim Chakraborthy, partner in Khaitan and Co. In his address he spoke about how impressed he was with the growing enthusiasm and how he was looking forward to be a part of the journey along with Symbiosis.

5.45 PM: That brings us to the end. The curtains rise and we witness the stage set up for the valedictory ceremony. The trophies await their owners and the dignitaries board the stage

5.40 PM: The audience was in awe. There was a huge round of applause towards the end. The cast and crew left the audience enthralled. It was educative and impactful.

5.00 PM: Justice delayed is justice denied. The Mad Hatters Productions are back again with a bang. In Sangharsh, we will witness a plethora of emotions. Anger. Hate. Injustice. Trauma.
As the drama artists take the stage, we are ready to witness history!

4.15 PM: The rebuttal is loud as the counsel clearly demands the ball to roll into her court

4.10 PM: “I’ll leave some points for you for the sur-rebuttal” the judges are clearly as hopeless as one can be.

4.05 PM: “I think you should read these amendments carefully.they are very badly drafted”

4.00 PM: The bench has questioned the counsel about the intricacies in the case and the counsel remains unfazed and has answered the questions to the point.

3.55 PM: It is going downhill for the Respondent. The judge does not agree with the counsel’s arguments and has lost hope for a better argument.

3.50 PM: The judge is stressing on certain case laws which have been used in the arguments in which there have been certain discrepancies

3.45 PM: The judges are brutal and not on a same page as the counsel. They are surely giving them a hard time.The counsel for defendant is lacking the basic mooting etiquette , they’re cross questioning the judge.

3.40 PM: The counsel for respondents is confident but the grilling just got interesting as judges said “counsel I am failing to understand your point”

3.35 PM: Extension of time was denied the counsel is advised to summarize the pleadings asap

3.30 PM: “Unfortunately you have not researched well” the judges stated.

3.25 PM: “I was at an even more fundamental point” the judges are not at all content with the counsel’s attempts to dodge the questions.

3.20 PM: The judge again reiterates to the second counsel his previous point about the subjectivity which pervades their argument owing to which it may fall flat

3.15 PM: “Counsel, isn’t it very funny?” asks the judge as he points out that their argument is contradicting. “Educate me” the judge proceeds

3.10 PM: The judges are listening with rapt attention but are clearly not unhappy with the pleadings.

3.05 PM: “such a badly drafted clause” is the comment from the judge to the co counsel

3.00 PM: The bench demanded for an authority to take the argument of the counsel on record. The co counsel is now on the dais taking over where his partner left .

2.55 PM: The counsel 1 runs out of time and the second speaker approaches the dais

2.50 PM: The judge has asked the counsel to not beat around the bush, and get to the point as there is no time.”i am sorry counsel you are talking in thin air and making a case out of nowhere”

2.45 PM: The brisk arguments of the counsel are being questioned gravely by the judges .”Let me tell you the harsh reality” said the judges while disagreeing with the counsel’s contentions.

2.40 PM: “whether you love it or hate it , you can’t do anything about it” the judge said.The judges just questions the crux of the counsel’s contentions.

2.35 PM: he judge has raised a question pertaining to the subjectivity of the counsel’s argument. If the counsel doesn’t substantiate very strongly this argument may fall flat.

2.30 PM: The judge is questioning the difference between the perception of the counsel and the interpretation of the law.

2.25 PM: The judges are percipient and acute while asking questions and are daunting the counsel.

2.20 PM: The counsel just got a question about “what are the grounds of your contentions”The fluctuations in the voice throw of the counsel proves that the judges have been successful in alarming him.

2.18 PM: The counsel though visibly shaken is trying his best to maintain a calm demeanor and seems to be gradually succeeding at it. Fake it till you make it, that’s the mantra.

2.15 PM: “still not able to find too much merit in your argument, counsel” And the rapid fire begins

2.10 PM: The counsel has been advised time and again to “go slow” and establish a normal pace

2.08 PM: The first question was thrown at the counsel to slow down their pace but he question has bounced off of the counsel as he handles it effortlessly.

2.05 PM: From 15 courtrooms we have come down to one.We have been along with the participants on this very journey from the start. The much awaited finals are here and some very top notch advocacy skills are about to be witnessed. The entire college is the audience. The energy in the room is spectacular.

2.00 PM: The Final round is going to begin. It is the beginning of the end. To everyone, we say, fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a ride to remember. The sublimity of the auditorium is welcoming every participant , the judges, students and everyone attending the finals.

12.00 PM: The Semi Final Round has ended and the contestants disperse for lunch. We hope a hearty meal prepares them for the Grand Finale !

Court Room 2 ; 11.45 AM: The counsel satisfies the judge on all the legal points, yet the bench questions her on the moral standpoints, claiming that law that disregards humanity is useless.

Court Room 1 ; 11.40 AM: The rebuttal has just begun, and when the counsel is supposed to question the opponent, the petitioners’s counsel is grounded by the judge again from the start.

Court Room 2 ; 11.35 AM: Through a tumultuous round of questions and answers, the counsel for the respondents finally concludes her case.

Court Room 1 ; 11.30 AM: The judges shoot their disagreements with every single word of the counsel and the intensity gets to everyone in the room “i’ve heard enough and more of that.You dont seem to understand.Go ahead.”

Court Room 2 ; 11.25 AM: “I’m very particular about this, the rebuttal. Talk about something which is very new to the court.”

Court Room 1 ; 11.20 AM: The petitioners and respondents have demanded that the rest of the session must be recorded since the ladyship had to leave the session in be

Court Room 2 ; 11.15 AM: The Respondent has been confident about her answers and the judges are impressed by her advocacy skills but are questioning her (limited) moral and social responsibility towards the Petitioner.

Court Room 1 ; 11.10 AM: The bench discussed the John doe principle, and the counsel is not aware of the same. The judges very patiently explain to her what it means.

Court Room 2 ; 11.05 AM: The counsel has very eloquently put across her viewpoint to extremely tricky and complicated questions. The judges are merciless and relentless with questions. The counsel tries her best to stand her ground

Court Room 1 ; 11.00 AM: Whilst the bench was questioning the petitioners on technical and legal grounds, they blast the respondents on moral grounds, leaving them with no solid answers.

Court Room 2 ; 10.55 AM: “Counsel, you’re walking on glass” The judges have asked if there are any exceptions to the procedures that they need to follow

Court Room 1 ; 10.50 AM: The respondents have been on the dais all of 1 minute, and are already unable to find hard ground to base their arguments.

Court Room 2 ; 10.45 AM: The counsel has very skillful handled the relentless and tedious questions from the bench.The judges are attempting to trick the counsel into going against his own argument, however, the counsel stands his ground.

Court Room 1 ; 10.40 AM: “You didn’t file a statutory report, you didn’t file a police report, you haven’t approached a statutory authority, and yet you’ve approached the bench. Do you want the court to run the administration” the bench stated.

Court Room 2 ; 10.35 AM: The Respondent has taken the dais and has been asked not to use the questions asked to the Petitioner by the judges, as arguments for the his case.

Court Room 1 ; 10.30 AM: The bench claims that they should’ve approached the statutory authorities, and ask their reasons for approaching the bench, hence taking them right back at the question of jurisdiction

Court Room 2 ; 10.25 AM: The judge just asked the counsel who was midway in one particular argument to move to the next one and started to question her about her submissions in the next argument.

Court Room 1 ; 10.20 AM: The bench questions them too hard that over a point the start explaining the technicalities of remedy and relief demanded in this case. “you are wrong on the facts” the bench said to the counsel

Court Room 2 ; 10.15 AM: Counsel 2 approaches the bench has started with his arguments, and seems mellow but confident.The judges have asked for the courtroom master to arrange some papers and documents for them, and order the counsel 2 to start again. When he asks for an extension in time, he is told that he shouldn’t worry about time, it’s not a concern.

Court Room 1 ; 10.10 AM: The judge points out one argument consistently as wrong, to which the counsels give in after a point.But when asked about why they have stated in a different way in the memorials, they have no comments.

Court Room 2 ; 10.05 AM: The counsel is muddled with his own argument and is now being asked how to cite cases. The judges are highly unimpressed with the counsel. They have started to instruct the participant about court room mannerisms in a competition. “counsel how do you cite a case”

Court Room 1 ; 10.00 AM: The judges encourage the counsel. They tell him, “we have no doubt that this court has the jurisdiction, and you know it too, just be a little more confident” before urging him to move on to the second issue.

Court Room 2 ; 9.55 AM: The judges are highly dissatisfied with the responses of the counsel when he was questioned about the due procedure to be followed. The judge is visibly disappointed and said, “move to the relief now”

Court Room 1 ; 9.50 AM: The judges continue to grill the counsel based on the facts, and they don’t seem to be content with his answers. The bench has successfully trapped the counsel in his own answers and he seems confused, looking for solid ground.

Court Room 2 ; 9.45 AM: The counsel on behalf of the Petitioner is falling apart already. The judges have found his weak spot. They have pulled the trigger and are now firing questions at the counsel.

Court Room 1 ; 9.40 AM: The counsel is confident even in the face of a list of unending questions being shot at him by the bench.The judges have quickly moved onto the intricate parts of the problem.

Court Room 2 ; 9.35 AM: The counsel heads up to the dais and has begun their pleadings. The bench however seems to have made up their mind to not let the speakers relax.They shoot questions from the very beginning and there is a sudden spark when the speaker interrupts the judge with his argument. His Lordship attacks the counsel back. “Is that how you answer in a court?” The peaceful morning is not so peaceful for the counsel !

Court Room 1 ; 9.30 AM: The day starts on a bright note with articulate arguments and a satisfied bench. We wonder if this the calm before the storm ?

9.00 AM: The Semi Finals have begun and all the participants look dapper. In the game of moot , you win or your research dies.

8.30 AM: It is a new day. The birds are chirping , the wind is blowing , memorials are being exchanged , oral pleadings are being revised. It is a good day to moot ! Four teams from colleges all over the country are going to test their mooting skills to win the 4th National Moot Court Competition. We are feeling elated for the last day and we hope our elation is contagious for the participants !

29th September , 2019

8.15 PM: The anticipation is clearly visible on the participant’s faces as they await the results. On the declaration of results there were screams of joy and sighs of grief. All we have to say to the winners is , See you on the other side mate !

8.00 PM: As the sun bids us adieu , the quarter finals come to an end.  The participants rush out of the court rooms engaged in heated debates and animated conversations. We guess we will have to wait too see which teams emerge victorious.

Court Room 1 ; 7.55 PM: The judges and counsel both are speaking and arguing diligently and now the environment is heated up .”Yes or no counsel ” the judges thunder.
The judges are still not convinced and the argument is again a crypt for future sarcastic references

Court Room 2 ; 7.50 PM: The judges questions are being answered by the counsel but the judges don’t seem to be satisfied in the least

Court Room 3 ; 7.45 PM: The Petitioner accused the defendant of wishing to violate fundamental rights and the latter party chuckled as they raised their arms in confusion.

Court Room 1 ; 7.40 PM: The pleadings in court room 1 is taking an intense turn as it’s filled with sarcasm , dramatic exits and entrances and fierce questions of the judges.

Court Room 4 ;7.35 PM: The petitioners approached the dais for rebuttal even before the respondents were done with their prayer.he rebuttal questions are appreciated by the bench. the Counsel quotes the judgement given in the landmark case of Navtej Singh Johar v Union of India, and makes a very compelling argument from the legal, emotional, as well as the moral standpoint. However, when asked the name of the case which was overturned by this landmark judgement, the counsel pleads ignorance.

Court Room 2 ; 7.30 PM: The judge just told the counsel, “I’m sorry but you aren’t doing well” Oops ! Guess the counsel is not doing their best today.

Court Room 1 ; 7.25 PM: The judges have lost all hopes and expectations and they’re not correcting the counsel anymore.They are talking in hushed tones and are discussing over an issue . The counsel is asked to conclude .The judge exasperates and says ,”You got an entire issue wrong . Please refer to the fact sheet right now”

Court Room 1 ; 7.20 PM: The counsel and judges are still not on the same page.”I am trying to help you out please get the clue” the judge states. He proceeds by saying that “For the first time this court is agreeing with your argument ”

Court Room 3 ; 7.18 PM: When the counsel extended their time limit and asked for more time to cite their case laws, the bench denied approval. The counsel persuaded the judges for a few seconds of additional time, to which the judges made a firm statement that “citation of case laws will not affect you scores and rules are meant to be followed”

Court Room 1 ; 7.15 PM: The true essence of mooting and the true battle of words is being witnessed here in court room 1

Court Room 2 ; 7.10 PM: The judges gently point to the counsel the discrepancy between the case and the case law used by him and thus how it cannot be used to substantiate said case.

Court Room 4 ; 7.05 PM: the respondents have seemed to bring back life to this mooting session. enthusiastic and confident, they grab the judges’ attention immediately. The respondents are calm, and despite the intense questioning, are able to get their point across to the judges.

Court Room 3 ; 7.03 PM: The Judges offered friendly advice to the counsel in order to get an answer out of her, highlighting that mooting is a mock version of a judicial proceeding and that it is a learning experience.

Court Room 1 ; 7.00 PM: The exasperation of the judges is very evident as the basic premise of the counsel is based on dodgy facts . They are unable to justify the answers . ” Counsel stop beating around the bush” the judge says with a very grave and serious expression

Court Room 2 ; 6.57 PM: The counsel for the petitioner began pleading with an air of confidence and so far no questions have been asked. The bench seems to be satisfied with the issues raised and the manner in which the substantiation for the said arguments is being done.

Court Room 1 ; 6.55 PM: With intense mooting drama the situation now beholds very intimidated counsel and appalling judges .As soon as the counsel started with issues they are asked to provide with material answers on which their facts and arguments make sense.

Court Room 3 ; 6.50 PM: The Petitioner’s counsel fumbled with her words before providing a questionable case law when asked for one, by the bench.

Court Room 4 ; 6.45 PM: There is pin-drop silence in the room as the bench contemplates something regarding the compendium of the petitioners, and the counsel goes quiet in nervousness.

Court Room 2 ; 6.43 PM: The mood in the courtroom is dictated by an air of seriousness and extreme focus.The counsel for the petitioner began pleading with an air of confidence and so far no questions have been asked. The bench seems to be satisfied with the issues raised and the manner in which the substantiation for the said arguments is being done.

Court Room 1 ; 6.40 PM: The judges seems a little dubious as they have directly asked the counsel to move to prayer .Judges are grilling the counsel as they are unable to establish a solid ground for their prayer.

Court Room 4 ; 6.35 PM: With this being the knock-out round and everything at stake, the participants are ready to go back in the ring, and prove to everyone that they’re the ones who deserve to be at the top.the questions have begun, and the petitioners already seem to be scratching their heads, looking for answers.

Court Room 3 ; 6.33 PM: The succession of the teams into the Quarter Finals have brought upon the solemnity and zeal of mooting. The judges have made an amiable comment towards the counsels from both sides and are beginning with the oral pleadings with a calm presence. The judges pose a serene look as the counsel takes up the dais and they demand clarity in the purpose of the case

6.30 PM: The Quarter Finals Round has begun. Even though the day might have ended , the exhilaration and elation of our participants has not faded. We cant wait to see what the Quarter Finals bring !

4.45 PM: The teams convene for the results of the preliminary round to be declared. The eyes of the participants glimmered with hope combined with anxiousness as they eagerly await the much awaited results. The teams that were fortunate to move onto the next round walked with big dreams for the next round whereas the other teams had grief painted on their faces. However , some faces showed satisfaction of coming this far !

3.20 PM: The preliminary rounds for the 4th National Moot Court Competition comes to an end. All the teams are walking out of their courtrooms with dreams of qualifying into the quarter finals. Only time will tell what the quarter finals will bring.

Court Room 13 ; 3.15 PM: The counsel for the Respondent and the judge have a misunderstanding over a difference of perception of facts. It seems as if courtroom mannerisms are “so yesterday”.

Court Room 9 ; 3.10 PM: The speaker 1 of the respondent’s side have officially run out of arguments. The judges are vexed with the approach of the counsel.That is when speaker 2 moves to the dais with a composed look and begins to cover up for the former blunder and thus he saves the day!

Court Room 12 ; 3.05 PM: The Counsel for the Respondents has grabbed the interest of the bench by getting into muddy waters of the case at hand.The judges have turned to a moral and ethical stand against the Respondent. The counsel replied with an answer that seems to have left a good impression.

Court Room 4 ; 3.03 PM: Even though the time is up, the counsel still proceeds to argue the last issue, and is told by the bench to not read from the memorial, but instead substantiate and summarize the argument for them. The bench claims that they don’t understand the submissions of the client.

Court Room 8 ; 3.00 PM: The counsels seem very articulate with their points and the arguments covers a wide ambit. However , this opens a line of questioning from the judges. In this battle of wits , who will emerge as the winner ?

Court Room 3 ; 2.50 PM: A silent drama with regard to the issue is going on. The judges do not look convinced with the counsel’s arguments but the counsel is firm with their replies.

Court Room 6 ; 2.45 PM: The judge is appalled at the arguments made by the counsel for the respondents. He tries to explain the fallacy in the argument of the counsel with a very basic example, however the counsel keeps referring to the facts to put his point forward. As it turns out, the judge was mistaken about the facts, and appreciates the counsel for holding their ground.

Court Room 2 ; 2.43 PM: The stern looks from the judges are making the participants nervous. Counsel on the dire is fumbling but still trying his level best to come up with something that will get him validation from the judges

Court Room 15 ; 2.40 PM: The counsel has been questioned about the issues raised by him, when his answer was not sufficient for proper substantiation, the judge previously asked them to proceed with the rest of his oral pleading and consequently asked him to sum up his argument.

Court Room 11 ; 2.38 PM: The counsel for the Petitioner is all geared up and is arguing the case calmly and confidently. So far, it has been sweet sailing of the ship. The counsel continues to speak calm and cautiously despite the bench’s firing of questions.

Court Room 14 ; 2.35 PM: The counsel started to present his arguments with confidence however in being questioned about the intricacies of the case he turned towards his team for help. The counsel is still failing to answer. However the judges are understanding and patient while waiting for the answer.

Court Room 5 ; 2.30 PM: The counsel started very confidently but the bench’s technical questions has thrown the counsel off track. The bench is not convinced with the answers, and is repeating the same question over and over again.

Court Room 7 ; 2.25 PM: The judges enter the room with a dazzling smile and motivate the counsels by assuring them extra time and that advised them to speak with confidence

Court Room 1 ; 2.22 PM: The judges are skeptical about the memorial as soon as the counsel started. The directed the counsel to move to issues.
The performance is not that satisfactory as the elocution and pleadings are not up to the mark The judges are questioning and grilling the counsel on specific and minute sections of a plethora of statutes.

2.20 PM: The second session of the preliminary rounds begin as the participants are ushered into the courtrooms. The participants clutch their memorials tightly in their hands and clutch their dreams of winning tightly in their hearts

1.20 PM: The first session of the preliminary rounds end as the participants heave a sigh of relief. With the second session merely an hour away , the teams disperse for lunch. We sincerely hope the food therapy helps calms the nerves !

Court Room 1 ; 1.15 PM: Finally comes the rebuttal which makes the counsel sweat out their nervousness as perfectly carved questions are pumped, which the judges thoroughly enjoy watching. As the counsel hunts for the replies during rebuttal the judges abruptly ask them to conclude, though they had the last few minutes in hand

Court Room 13 ; 1.10 PM: Mother of Mercy, is this the end of the Respondent?
The heat on the grill has turned all the way up and there’s no room to back down. The counsel for the respondent is trembling with fear. And time is running out.

Court Room 12 ; 1.05 PM: The most dynamic and animated part of mooting, the rebuttal, has been changed into a very long lullaby. The petitioners, instead of posing any questions for the respondents, justify their own arguments from before.

Court Room 6 ; 1.00 PM : The exchange between the judges and the counsel is highly logical and is filled with case laws and technical aspect of the law. On being questioned upon the loopholes in the case the counsels adopted a roundabout approach to answer but has been stopped by the judges.

Court Room 15 ; 12.55 PM: The judges seem visibly disappointed with the arguments of the counsels and decide to question them on their vague and repetitive arguments

Court Room 12; 12.50 PM: The judges ask the counsel to not read out from their notebook and to argue on the points that they know. They also ask questions to the counsel which are not answered. The respondents’ researcher is knocked sideways as he tries to find for answers in his books.

Court Room 3 ; 12.47 PM: The questions thrown at the counsels for the respondent are to the point and as they riposte with avidity, the conversation gets intense

Court Room 13 ; 12.45 PM: A heated argument ensues as both the parties put forward their respective points in a comprehensive manner which seems to please the judges.

Court Room 14 ; 12.42 PM: The counsel for the Respondent impressed the judges as they did not expect a witty response to their challenging questions.

Court Room 2 ; 12.40 PM: The time has run out, and the judges have now started asking questions. The counsel argues on a moral standpoint, claiming the facts are silent on facts relating to the question. Despite of being so confident and prepared, time was not on their side, as they lost 3 minutes for answering questions.

Court Room 8 ; 12.37 PM: The judge is not at all convinced as the counsel is not able to answer what has been asked.the counsel is again unable to prove their issue with any valid material and is merely arguing on behalf of made-up facts.the case laws used do not convince the judges. time has also not been a good friend to the counsel as it runs out before they could finish their first issue.

Court Room 5 ; 12.35 PM: The courtroom is calmer compared to the others. The judges are paying rapt attention to the arguments of the counsels. However, they are not impressed with the statutes used.

Court Room 11 ; 12.32 PM: The counsel has enchanted the judges, as well as the contenders as they all listen in awe. The counsel state all contemporary cases and legal actions taken supporting her argument. Everyone in the courtroom agrees, regardless of what side they’re from. The judges seem in agreement, and have asked no questions so far.

Court Room 2 ; 12.30 PM: The judges enter into a heated discussion between themselves and the counsel struggles to bring back their attention to the pleadings as he stammers with the facts

Court Room 9 ; 12.28 PM: The respondents seem to be tensed, and arrange all their documents whilst taking down all points for rebuttal. May the rebuttal be in your favor , counsel !

Court Room 6 ; 12.25 PM: The plaintiffs are being questioned incessantly on the facts and they are constantly deviating from their aforesaid facts .The intense session of questioning is now a nail biting session as the constant remarks of the judges are affecting the counsel’s answers.

Court Room 10 ; 12.23 PM: Despite the judge’s unrelenting questions, the counsel does not lose her calm. The points of law remain the focus of the questions, and the counsel seems very thorough with her answers. The researcher also saves the day, by sending in all relevant information whenever the counsel fumbles.

Court Room 8 ; 12.20 PM: The second speaker from behalf of plaintiff is on the dais and the judges are continually questioning the counsels . The argument got fierce as the counsel put forward her points on the issue.

Court Room 2 ; 12.15 PM: The counsel is full of spirit and is exuberant in retaliating to the questions put forward by the Bench.

Court Room 3 ; 12.10 PM: The counsel approaches the dais and begins presenting the facts of the case. The other two team mates begin inspecting the memorial.

Court Room 4 ; 12.07 PM: The counsel has run out of time and has also failed to satisfy the ladyships with her answer. Looks like both time and arguments are not on our counsel’s side

Court Room 7 ; 12.05 PM: The plaintiffs have began their arguments confidently and the judges are keen to know the core and crux of their case laws .

Court Room 1 ; 12.03 PM: The judges begin the session by interrupting the counsel to inquire the plaintiff on the issue of jurisdiction. The researcher comes to the aid and assists the speaker to make things go smooth.

12.00 PM: The courtroom is set and our participants are prepped for the preliminary rounds !

11.00 AM: The participants head to the amphitheater to convene for a group photo. We hope these photos serve as a pleasant reminder of the 4th edition of the National Moot Court Competition

10.30 AM: The Inauguration Ceremony comes to an end with the singing of the National Anthem. As the participants depart , a mix of anxiousness and excitement cover their faces. Next time we see you , we will see you in court !

10.27 AM: Dr. Anuradha Binnuri , the Deputy – Director of Symbiosis Law School , Hyderabad took over the podium to propose the vote of thanks as she expressed gratitude to the dignitaries for gracing the event with their esteemed presence , the participants to make this event a grand success and all the students present there for their continuous support.

10.25 AM:  Ms Shipra Chauhan , the Faculty In – Charge of the Moot Court Association wished the participants luck and good wishes as she declared the 4th Symbiosis Law School Hyderabad, National Moot Court Competition 2019 to be officially open !

10.20 AM: ” Balancing rights is the exercise that goes on in courts. You have to serve the society with the equipment of knowledge they you learn in law college ” , he says as he encourages the students to not just follow judgments but to explore for other perspectives on the same issues.

10.15 AM: To keep the spirit of the competition alive the chief guest boosted up the morale of the participants by telling them that ” success is just a part of the competition , the whole process of preparation is real learning”

10.10 AM: The Guest of Honour with an experience of 30 years expressed his desire to come and interact with the students of the college more often.

10.07 AM : Hon’ble Justice Shri L Nageshwar Rao takes over the podium as he states “”Moot court gives a sense of real court experience” . We couldn’t agree more, especially if the Moot Court is organised by Symbiosis Law School , Hyderabad.

10.05 AM: “The future of India lies in its youth” says the director as he applauds the efforts and caliber of the members of the Moot Court Association.

10.00 AM: The director of the college felicitates the guest of honor as a brief profile of Hon’ble Justice Shri L Nageshwara Rao is shared with the auditorium . He then proceeds to share his wise words with the gathering in a welcome address.

9.55 AM: The master of the Ceremony begins the Inauguration Ceremony with enlightening the participants about the significance of cultivating mooting skills. He then invites the dignitaries to give an auspicious beginning to this event by the lightning of the lamp.

9.50 AM: The guest of honor , Hon’ble Justice Shri L Nageshwara Rao along with the director of the institute Dr. Sarfaraz Ahmed Khan , the judges of the District Court of Shadhnagar and all the other dignitaries have just entered the auditorium. The event is all set for a great start !

9.45 AM: Each and every person in the auditorium looks enthralled to witness 4th National Moot Court Competition of Symbiosis Law School,Hyderabad, kick into action as they eagerly await for the Inauguration Ceremony to begin.

9.30 AM: The stage is set vibrantly and everyone’s eyes are glued to the coveted trophies which are on display. The participants look energized as the auditorium starts flooding in with the participants and guests.

9.15 AM: Our day is starting with the arrival of our guests and other dignitaries and they have been welcomed with warmth , gratitude and regard . The director , Mr Sarfaraz Ahmed engaged the dignitaries in a conversation and gave them a brief outline about the college’s academic history and infrastructure.
Before the commencement of the event, Honorable Justice Shri L. Nageswara rao had a brief meet and greet session with the faculty and deputy director of college over a hearty breakfast.

9.00 AM: As the new day greets us , the sunshine in the sky mirrors the hope in the heart of our participants. The whole college is abuzz with excitement and so are we ! Wherever we look , we are bound to see groups of three going over their opponent’s memorials or animated conversation discussing strategies to win. On the other side of the college , the Moot Court Association of Symbiosis Law School , Hyderabad and their volunteers are hard at work to make this event seamless. With all this zeal and fervor that surrounds the college, we cant wait to see what this day brings

28th September , 2019

5.30 PM: We wish all the teams the very best for tomorrow. Looking forward to some exceptional mooting skills tomorrow.

5.00 PM: The teams have now left as petitioners and respondents deliberating upon their arguments for tomorrow.

4:45 PM: As the Draw of Lots is drawing in, there is a cloud of tension in the room. The respective team ushers are being called to coordinate the teams. The adrenaline rush they feel right now is probably stronger than the one from the coffee they had this morning. To all the teams we say, may the odds be ever in your favor!

4.30 PM: The Deputy Director is welcoming the chosen 30 teams followed by an interaction by the participants. There is a buzz in the room accompanied by a sense of anticipation. The preparation for the Draw of Lots can be seen as the members of the registration committee get all relevant documents in line.

4:00 PM: It’s a-live! It’s a-live! Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad is delighted to welcome the participants to its 4th National Moot Court Competition. The participants are arriving, and we witness the confidence and apprehension as they register their teams and wait for the draw of lots. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Symbiosis campus is cocooned in serenity, and we observe the eagerness and enthusiasm of the students as well as the participants. You might have missed the battle of ‘Winterfell’ but you wouldn’t want to miss this battle of mooting.

27th September, 2019.

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