NGT | DM, Mathura and officers concerned directed to comply with tribunal’s earlier order in light of cleaning Goverdhan Parvat and it’s Parikrama

National Green Tribunal, New Delhi (NGT): The Bench comprising of Justice Raghuvendra S. Rathore (Judicial Member) and Dr Satyawan Singh Garbyal (Expert Member), directed DM, Mathura, Senior Superintendent of Police, SDM and all other officers of the concerned department to camp at “Goverdhan” to ensure the compliance of directions given by the Tribunal on 04-08-2019.

Court Commissioner, in furtherance of tribunal’s order dated 15-07-2019 visited Goverdhan Parvat and it’s Parikrama. He visited the site on the occasion of Purnima on 15-07-2019 and Ekadashi (12-08-2019). Thereafter he submitted his report in respect to the situation and compliance of earlier orders of the tribunal along with photographic evidence.

What did the Court Commissioner’s report say?

According to the report submitted by the Court Commissioner, it was stated that:

  • Follow up or supervision in respect of getting the compliance of the order of the tribunal done, was a total failure.
  • Cleanliness of Parikarma Marg, Mansi Ganga, Daan Ghati and the temples at all these places was a total collapse. Pilgrims could not walk through both the temples as receivers were least concerned.
  • Garbage cleaning from temples was in a pathetic shape.
  • Apart from Goverdhan Town rest of the Parikrama was in a shabby condition.
  • Commissioner took a round of the Parikrama Marg but could not find any safai karamchari working.
  • Most of the nullas had not been cleaned at all. Those nullas got cleaned after 2 days of Purnima when the commissioner requested the District Magistrate to intervene.
  • Permission of temporary licenses were given for Bhandaras, serving the pilgrims. But this system was neither monitored nor checked,
  • “There was no system to check the mushrooming of such bhandaras, which were mostly responsible for uncontrolled garbage in the entire Parikrama Marg.
  • Uncontrolled battery-operated rickshaws were required to be controlled as they were a hindrance for the pilgrimages who were barefoot or were going around on stomach.

It has been stated that Counsel for applicant placed 22 photographs which leave no doubt that the entire area is full of garbage and water/sewage being logged at many places.

Therefore, in view of the above observations, Tribunal opined that priority needs to be given to the cleanliness and hygienic conditions. Tribunal directed the officers concerned to camp at Goverdhan and ensure that all garbage and other issues pointed by Commissioner in respect of cleanliness of Parikarma as the three temples be completed.

Matter listed for 28-08-2019 and the District Magistrate, Mathura and SSP, Mathura shall remain present for the hearing. [Giriraj Parikrama v. Department of Environment & Forest, 2019 SCC OnLine NGT 275, decided on 19-08-2019]

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