1st Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad, National Corporate Restructuring Competition , 2019: Live Updates

5.00 p.m. –

The valedictory ceremony has begun with some delightful words for our guests and our Director Prof. (Dr.) Sarfaraz Ahmed Khan.

The Winning team was from ILS Pune, and the Runner-up team was from DSNLU, Visakhapatnam.

The Best Speaker is awarded to Ms. Twinkle Chadwa from School of Law, Christ University.

The Best Written Submission is awarded to Mr. Pranav Bafna from ILS , Pune.

We extend a hearty congratulations to all the winners and participants!

4.00 p.m. –

After a tense atmosphere, the music club is ready to lighten up the mood!

3.50 p.m. – 

The time for the rebuttal round has finally arrived. Both the teams come up with comprehensive arguments but the dismayed voice of the first team lowers the energy of the entire room.

3.40 p.m. – 

The counsel steals the show with a stellar speech. The Judges were completely on board with him!

3.30 p.m. –

When faced with questions from the judges, the counsel maintains an unwavering gaze while answering.
Confidence is the key!

3.20 p.m. – 

The opposing counsel has claimed the podium and has begun advancing his arguments. He seemed to have made quite an impression on the judges as the counsel and the judges share a laugh.

3.10 p.m. – 

Although both the counsels started their arguments in an impressive manner, they are left nervous and stuttering after answering the technical questions of the Board.

3.00 p.m. – 

The second counsel takes over in an attempt to save his co counsel from the tirade of the questions posed by the judges. Team spirit much?

2.50 p.m. – 

The opposing counsel calmly listens to his opponent team with a rather confident stance. We can only hope that this confidence lasts him throughout the competition.

2.40 p.m. – 

The counsel from the first team has started the final round with a bang! He takes to the podium to deliver his arguments. He begins by familiarizing the Board with the facts of the case and states the proposals submitted by the team.

2.30 p.m. – 

We heartily welcome you to the Final round of the first edition of the National Corporate Restructuring Competition , 2019. The judges have arrived in the glorious venue.
The stage is set , the rules are read and only the best shall prevail!

1.30 p.m. –

The Semi-Finals have been successfully completed. The participants break for lunch.
We will be back shortly!

1.05 p.m. – 

The rebuttals have started. Both the teams pose intelligent and well thought-out arguments.

12.55 p.m. –

Turns out, it was a risky move! The judges begin questioning the counsel on every little detail. The counsel struggles to find an appropriate answer.

12.45 p.m. – 

The second counsel begins his arguments and proceeds to tell the judges what they should keep in mind as the Board of Directors. A bold move or a risky move?

12.35 p.m. – 

The first counsel speaks with clarity and manages to deliver a comprehensive speech. He further calls on his co-counsel to advance his arguments.

12.25 p.m. –

Quick to think on his feet, he answers all the questions in a satisfactory manner. Good thinking, counsel!

12.15 p.m. –

The second counsel takes over and is immediately faced with a string of challenging questions by the judges. Time to put on your thinking caps, folks!

12.05 p.m. – 

With several references to the presentation, the counsel takes the help of pictorial aids to advance his argument.

11.55 a.m. – 

Concentrating on the technicalities, the counsel swiftly answers all the questions of the judges. It seems like our counsel knows the art of pleasing the judges.

11.45 a.m. – 

The second session of the Semi-Finals have begun. Dressed dapper, the first counsel takes the dais.

11.30 a.m. – 

The rebuttal round has begun. Both the teams had strong opposing points but the time, unfortunately, ran out. With the first session over, the verdict is that the rebuttal round was short but not so sweet!

11.20 a.m. – 

The counsel of the opposition team constantly share glances and smiles with their co-counsels.

11.10 a.m. – 

The counsel of the opposition team holds the dais now. Whatever consternation that they might have seems to have vanished as she speaks with poise and a smile on her face.

11.00 a.m. – 

In an attempt to win back the favour of the judges, the counsel tries to regain his confident stride and answer the judges in a manner that would appease them.

10.50 a.m. – 

The golden streak of the counsel has come to an end as the judges engage him in a continued series of questions. All good things must come to an end, we guess.

10.40 a.m. – 

Our counsel goes on to speak about the business relations and International Law between the European Union and India. However, the faces of the judges show wariness. Only time will tell what lies in store for the lone hand.

10.30 a.m. – 

Swift answers and an immaculate speech, the counsel moves steadily along his speech. The opposition can be seen uncomfortably squirming in their seats. Is that fear we sense?

10.40 a.m. – 

The first questioning round of the day begins with our panel of judges questioning the counsel on the smallest of concerns. After all, the magic lies in the details!

10.30 a.m. – 

Our solitary counsel, better known as the lone wolf, approaches the counsel in his usual confident stride. He begins advancing his arguments.

10.00 a.m. – 

It is a new day and we are geared up for the second day of the 1st National Corporate Restructuring Competition, 2019! We can see the participants stealing last glances at their notes, volunteers bustling around the campus trying to take care of the last details, judges enjoying their morning cup of tea and the team of Centre for Corporate and Competition Law preparing for the semi-finals.


5.00 p.m. –

As the sun bids us goodbye, an eventful day comes to an end. While the whole college is still abuzz with zeal and zest, the participants retire for the day to put on their best faces for tomorrow.

With this, the Quarter Finals is officially closed!

Board Room No. 2 – 4.30 p.m.

The session ends as the participants heave a sigh of relief after surviving a brutal rebuttal round. The judges converse within themselves to ascertain the scores.

Board Room No. 1 – 4.20 p.m.

Taking assistance of precedents, statistics, pictorial representation and statutes, the opposition was ready with everything that they might face. The judges seemed to be in synchronisation with the team asking only a minimal amount of questions.

Board Room No. 2 – 4.10 p.m.

The judge asked a question to the counsel which seems to have him left stumped. Mustering all his confidence, he answers the question. Elaborating further, his co-counsel adds his two cents.

Board Room No. 1 – 4.00 p.m.

The second counsel had such tremendous faith in her written submissions that she proceeded to read out almost every word from a piece of paper. Exasperated, the judges asked her to let go of the paper and speak her mind. Looks like a piece of paper does not make a strong ally.

Board Room No. 2 – 3.50 p.m.

It seems as if today is not a lucky day for the counsels; caught in a storm of questions from the judges, the counsels struggles to find answers that would appease the judges.

Board Room No. 1- 3.40 p.m.

As the second session begins, the courtroom witnessed a stellar speech by the counsel. As the judge begins asking question, the courtroom master rings the bell signifying that the time has lapsed. Can we say, saved by the bell?

Board Room No. 2 – 3.30 p.m.

The second session of the Quarter-Final commences.
The first team appears to be confident and maintain a confident stance during the delivery of her arguments.

Board Room No. 2 – 3.10 p.m.

The rebuttals have begun! The first team has put forth various points that challenge the arguments of the opposing team.

Board Room No. 1 – 3.00 p.m.

As the opposing team claims the dais, the counsels also fall prey to the questioning of the judges. With the name of the countless legal provisions thrown in the air, the rest of the team members are found to be furiously scribbling notes to assist their co-counsel.

Board Room No. 2 – 2.50 p.m.

As the judges deliberate and school the first team, the counsel of the opposing team waits for their chance to take the dais. He seems to be working alone today, playing the role of both the researcher as well as the speaker. Seems like not only is he the Jack of all trades but has also mastered them all!

Board Room No. 1- 2.40 p.m.

The succession of questions from the judges seems to deter the second counsel. The questioning round ensues a rather hearty debate between the counsel and the judges.

Board Room No. 2 – 2.30 p.m.

The judges leave no stone unturned in questioning the first team of counsels. When the counsels fail to answer, the judges school them on the judicial aspect of their case. We always believe that the best lessons are learnt outside the classroom and in the boardroom!

Board Room No. 1 – 2.20 p.m.

What began as a steady start was interrupted by a rapid fire round of questions by the judges. Although the counsel tries to answer the judge in what almost sounds like a pleading tone, the judges remain unconvinced.

Board Room No. 2 – 2.10 p.m.

Laced with confidence and panache, the first counsel brings her own personal flair to the competition. She was successful in conveying the facts in a brief and comprehensive manner.

Board Room No. 1 – 2.00 p.m.

The first counsel of the first team takes the dais in a confident stride. A beautiful game of coordination between the team; we saw a constant exchange of notes between the team members.

1.30 p.m. – 

The pressure in the atmosphere is building and you could cut through the tension in the air with a knife. The participants nervously wait for the results as they talk in hushed tones with their co-counsels. Finally, the results were announced with a total of 8 teams proceeding into the Quarter-Final Round.

12.00 p.m. – 

The day observes the end of the first round of the competition – The Preliminary Round. We saw words being used as weapons and it was proved, yet again, that the pen is mightier than the sword. As the participants break for lunch, the team of Centre for Corporate and Competition Law proceed to tabulate the results for the preliminary round.

Room No. 11 – 12.00 p.m.

The first counsel exceeds the extra time given and is interrupted by the judge. The second counsel takes the podium and quotes his memorandum.

Room No. 12 – 11.55 a.m.

The lone counsel ends his speech by answering the questions of the judges without being unnerved. A spectacular start backed by a strong finish. Maybe, in some cases, the lone wolf is stronger than the pack.

Room No. 10 – 11.50 a.m.

The second team gears up to present their arguments with the help of a presentation. We always appreciate going the extra mile!

Room No. 9 – 11.45 a.m.

The counsel from the second team seeks permission to approach the dais and is granted the same. In an articulate manner, she begins to familiarize the board room with the facts of the case.

Room No. 11 – 11.40 a.m.

The first counsel approaches the dais with conviction. The counsel discharges all the formalities impeccably, and proceeds to convince the judge in their argument with riveting facts and a poignant stance.

Room No. 12 – 11.35 a.m.

The boardroom welcomed a new counsel who had a booming voice and strong arguments. Quite contrary to his preceding counsels, our new counsel breathes life into the board room.

11.30 a.m. – 

The first session of the preliminary rounds come to end as the judges get busy assessing and marking the participants.

Room No. 9 – 11.25 a.m.

The time for the arguments has lapsed but it looks like the judge has allowed an extension of 90 seconds for the counsel to proceed with their agreements. The Lordship agrees with us when we say, ‘all good things take time!’.

Room No. 12 – 11.20 a.m.

The proceedings end in an amicable manner with neither interesting speeches nor any revolutionary breakthrough. We guess the counsels wanted to play it safe.

Room No. 10 – 11.15 a.m.

The counsel looks flustered by the tirade of questions asked by the judge which makes her equivocal. However, she tries to answer the questions to the best of her abilities.

Room No. 9 – 11.10 a.m.

The arguments of the team are extremely structured and persuasive. The counsel is making strong arguments to provide comprehensive solutions. The counsels seem to be in control of the situation.

Room No. 11 – 11.05 a.m.

The counsel lays a strong foundation by beginning to state their arguments of the case. The judge seems to be in sync with the counsel’s arguments as he is convinced by the proposed solutions.

Room No. 12 – 11.00 a.m.

The second counsel delivers her arguments with a steady voice as she delves further into the technicalities of the program

Room No. 10 – 10.55 a.m.

The counsel holds a confident stance, and is successful in answering all the questions asked by the Judge. However, the judge does not seem convinced by the answers given by the counsel.

Room No. 12 – 10.50 a.m.

The first counsel takes the Board Room by a storm. With Dramatic hand gestures and riveting expressions, he manages to keep the judge in a trance while summarizing the facts.

Room No. 9 – 10.45 a.m.

The proceedings start with the courtroom master familiarizing the participants with the rules.

10.40 a.m. – 

The Deputy Director, Dr. Anuradha Binnuri, declared the 1st National Corporate Restructuring Competition officially open.

10.35 a.m. – 

The Faculty-In-Charge of the Centre for Corporate and Competition Law, Dr. Jayendra Kasture, delivered the Vote of Thanks with a warm smile and inviting words.

10.30 a.m. – 

The Convener of the competition, Mr. Abhinav Pisharody, sheds light on the efforts and dedication of the team in converting a dream into reality by organisation the 1st National Corporate Restructuring Competition, 2019.

10.20 a.m. – 

“Perseverance , Perspiration and Dedication. Every corporate restructuring is the result of these three words and Symbiosis as an institution stands testimony to this fact.”











10.10 a.m. –

All the guests and judges get facilitated by our Director, Deputy Director and the Faculty In-charge of the Centre for Corporate and Competition Law.












10.00 a.m. – 

The dignitaries for the event along with the Director and the Deputy Director of Symbiosis Law School Hyderabad light the lamp to ensure an auspicious beginning of the event.

9.50 a.m. – 

The Director of Symbiosis Law School Hyderabad, Prof. (Dr.) Sarfaraz Ahmed Khan, delivers his welcome address. The address was filled with encouraging words for the participants, and insightful for the Judges and the Guests.

9.45 a.m. – 

The Centre for Corporate and Competition Law extends a warm welcome to all the participants and express heartfelt gratitude to our Director, Prof. (Dr.) Sarfaraz Ahmed Khan, for his support and guidance.

9.30 a.m. –

The participants flood into the Convention Hall for the Inauguration Ceremony. The presence of the honourable guests has us exhilarated.

9.00 a.m. – 

Tony Robbins once said “The path to success is to take massive and determined actions” When we look at the participants , we can see their unswerving and resolute faces mirror the advice of Mr Robbins. With anticipation and excitement , the registration commences.



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