Collegium Resolution | 16 Additional Judges of Allahabad HC recommended to be Permanent Judges

Proposal for appointment of following 19 Additional Judges of the Allahabad High Court, as Permanent Judges of that High Court:

1. Justice Rajiv Joshi
2. Justice Rahul Chaturvedi
3. Justice Salil Kumar Rai
4. Justice Jayant Banerji
5. Justice Rajesh Singh Chauhan
6. Justice Irshad Ali
7. Justice Saral Srivastava
8. Justice Jahangir Jamshed Munir
9. Justice Rajiv Gupta
10. Justice Siddharth
11. Justice Ajit Kumar
12. Justice Rajnish Kumar
13. Justice Abdul Moin
14. Justice Dinesh Kumar Singh
15. Justice Rajeev Misra
16. Justice Vivek Kumar Singh
17. Justice Chandra Dhari Singh
18. Justice Ajay Bhanot
19. Justice Neeraj Tiwari

With a view to assess merit and suitability of the above-named recommendees for appointment as Permanent Judges, Collegium comprising of Ranjan Gogoi, CJ and S.A. Bobde and N.V. Ramana, JJ. carefully scrutinized the material placed on record including certain complaints received against some of the above-named recommendees.

Therefore, the Collegium is of the view that Justices (1) Rajiv Joshi, (2) Salil Kumar Rai, (3) Jayant Banerji, (4) Rajesh Singh Chauhan, (5) Saral Srivastava, (6) Jahangir Jamshed Munir, (7) Rajiv Gupta, (8) Siddharth, (9) Ajit Kumar, (10) Rajnish Kumar, (11) Abdul Moin, (12) Dinesh Kumar Singh, (13) Rajeev Misra, (14) Vivek Kumar Singh, (15) Chandra Dhari Singh, and (16) Ajay Bhanot, Additional Judges, are suitable for being appointed as Permanent Judges. 

As regards Justices (1) Rahul Chaturvedi, (2) Irshad Ali and (3) Neeraj Tiwari, the Collegium is of the considered view that consideration of their proposal deserves to be deferred.

Thus, Collegium resolves to recommend the above-stated Additional Judges to be appointed as Permanent Judges of the Allahabad High Court against the existing vacancies.

[Collegium Resolution dt. 30-07-2019]

Supreme Court of India

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