Lok Sabha has passed the Consumer Protection Bill, 2019, today, i.e. 30-07-2019.

As reported by PTI, the bill seeks to strengthen the rights of consumers and provides a mechanism for redressal of complaints regarding defects in goods and deficiency in services.

The Consumer Protection Bill, 2019 once passed in the Rajya Sabha will replace the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 with the object of setting up of  Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission and forums at the district, state and national levels for adjudicating consumer complaints.
It also seeks to set up a Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) to promote, protect and enforce consumer rights as a class. The CCPA would make interventions to prevent consumer detriment arising from unfair trade practices. The agency can also initiate class action, including enforcing recall, refund and return of products.

Now, the bill will be moved to Rajya Sabha.

[Source: PTI]

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One comment

  • present consumer protection act is just like lion without teeth. from the news it came to know that there is no reservation and mandatory appointment of lady member in new Act and extension of pecuniary limits of Foras. but apart from this it is our expectation that execution of order would be suo motu action by the Forums. No independant application would be required. because as per present act there is period of 90 days for deciding complaint and there is no limitation for its execution and as a result of which purpose of speedy disposal and protection of right and interest of the conumers has no meaning at all. one another provision is required in respect of communications of orders through Forums particularly in ex-parte matters. the provisions for revision and appeal shall be explained in details in the act. so that due to that ambiguity parties should not invoked the writ jurisdiction of high court and complainant would not be suffere for this lacunae.

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