The Ken is India’s largest subscription-based digital publication. Headquartered in Bangalore, publish one deeply researched, analytical and well-narrated story every day. The stories are forward looking and give the subscribers critical insights into the fields of business, technology, start-ups, healthcare, and science.

In the two years since launch, The Ken has published 800+ articles and has grown to become the gold standard of original, independent business journalism in India.

The 10,000+ strong subscriber community comprises CEOs, investors, entrepreneurs, senior professors, policymakers & students.Students at top law schools read us, including NLSIU, NALSAR, NLU Delhi, NUJS, NLU Odisha and RGNUL, among business schools at Harvard Business School, IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Kozhikode, IIM Shillong, IIM Lucknow, and IIM Indore and among policy schools at TISS.

Some of The Ken’s all-time popular stories include:

The Return of Licence Raj: Decoding India’s d(r)aft e-commerce policy: 25 years ago, The Bombay Club demanded a level playing field so Indian companies could find their rightful place. This time, it’s The Delhi Committee asking for the same.

Meet the Man Who Took WhatsApp to the Supreme Court: Virag Gupta and others have spent years crusading against what they see as a lack of regulation when it comes to online businesses operating in India-an arena of policy that’s seeing legal battles rapidly flare up.

Competition goes digital. Can the CCI keep up?: Even as the EU’s Competition Commission hit Google with a record $5 billion penalty for violating antitrust rules, the Competition Commission of India is still coming to terms with the nuances of regulating competition in the online space. The very nature of online business escapes the traditional safety nets of the Competition Act.

Poker operators: Bluffing or calling the bluff?: Between a game of skill and chance, and central and state laws, poker and fantasy sports operators have uncovered a grey playground.

Govt’s ‘honest mistaken belief’: 100 million rare disease patients put on hold: After dropping the “unimplementable” 2017 national rare diseases policy in December 2018, and in the face of multiple court cases, India’s health ministry has promised a new policy in nine months. But will it be enough for millions with spinal muscular atrophy, brittle bone disease and more? Read on to find out.

About Patron Subscriptions

The Ken was founded with a firm belief in the philosophy of subscriptions – the best alignment of interest between readers and ourselves. That is why we have unapologetically stayed behind a paywall since day one. That has also helped us avoid the influence of PR and advertisers on our stories.

However, paywalls are a business model. Paywalls aren’t a barrier.

With patron subscriptionsThe Ken enables business leaders, investors, senior executives, and companies to directly fund subscriptions for readers who may not be able to afford them. Each Patron funds a certain number of annual subscriptions (ranging from 50 to 250), which we double by matching an equal number of subscriptions from our side. Some of our Patrons include V. Balakrishnan, Partner and Chairman, Exfinity Venture Partners; Aprameya Radhakrishnan, Founder and CEO, Vokal India; and Kapil Chopra, Former President, The Oberoi Group.

Once funded by Patrons, these annual subscriptions can be applied for and claimed via an online, transparent process.

It’s an entirely original, ground-up design, unlike anything you might have seen globally, much less in India. Because for months, a multi-disciplinary team of product, engineering, business, and editorial folks at The Ken have been building this.

Patron-funded subscriptions are being offered to 6 categories picked by our patrons. These are Law Students, Medical Professionals, Research Scholars, Non-profits, Pre-Seed Start-ups, and Policy Organisations.

People in these 6 categories can now access the full-breadth of the value of a premium subscription to The Ken. The original, full-length stories, straight in your inbox every morning; the 800+ archive articles; The Ken app, built for readership; the comment section full of CXOs, business leaders, investors and policymakers; and more. For free.

I’m a law student. How do I apply?

It’s very simple: just apply here. It takes all of 5 minutes.

Perhaps you want to read us to get ahead in your education or career. Perhaps you need to make sense of the world around you. Tell us why. Make a case. Our Patrons are listening.

With this simple process, we hope to unleash the potential of high-quality, deeply reported long-form journalism for the law students of India. You deserve to read The KenUse us to get ahead in class, in projects and papers, and at internships. Apply now.

There are 4 steps you need to follow:

  1. Law Students, click HERE 
  2. Create a free account.
  3. Complete the form, upload proof you’re a student and tell us in at least 50 words why you deserve a free, fully-funded Patron subscription.
  4. Confirm your application.

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