Collegium Resolution | Extension of term of Addl. Judges of Chhattisgarh High Court

Proposal for appointment of following three Additional Judges of the Chhattisgarh High Court, as Permanent Judges of that High Court:

1. Justice Sharad Kumar Gupta,
2. Justice Ram Prasanna Sharma, and
3. Justice Arvind Singh Chandel

“Since the tenure of the above-named Additional Judges is due to expire very shortly on 26th June, 2019, the Collegium recommends that pending final decision to be taken by the Collegium in the matter after verification of the above-mentioned inputs, S/Shri Justices Sharad Kumar Gupta, Ram Prasanna Sharma, and Arvind Singh Chandel be appointed as Additional Judges for a fresh term of six months w.e.f. 27th June, 2019.”

[Resolution dt. 12-06-2019]

Supreme Court of India

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