EBC Learning introduces it’s 17th course on — Lending & Security Creation in Banking Business!

Lending & Security Creation in Banking Business


This course will cover the following topics:

  • What is lending?
  • What are the different types of loans you can get from a bank?
  • Why do you have to give security for a loan?
  • And what type of assets you can give as security?

These are some of the questions that one will find an answer to in this course. In the course, Ms Sonchhatra discusses the cardinal principles of lending. The course focusses on the process of creating security on different kinds of assets.


1. Introduction

    • Welcome
    • Supplements

2. Banks and lending

    • What is a bank and what is banking?
    • Banks’ lending business
    • Principles of lending
    • Kinds of lending
    • Priority sector lending

3. Evaluating the borrower

    • Creditworthiness of the borrower
    • Principle of 5Cs
    • Credit Information Companies

4. Understanding fund-based loans

    • Classification: fund based and non-fund based loans
    • Fund based: cash credit loans
    • Fund based: overdraft facility
    • Fund based: term loan
    • Fund based: bill discounting facility

5. Understanding non-fund based loans

    • Introduction
    • Non-fund Based: Bank Guarantee
    • Financial and performance guarantees
    • Non-fund based: letter of credit
    • Non-fund based: Types of letter of credit

6. Security for bank loans: mortgages

    • Understanding mortgages on immovable properties
    • Equitable and registered mortgages
    • Importance of title search reports

7. Security for bank loans: hypothecation

    • Movable property
    • Fixed charge and floating charge
    • Hypothecation

8. Security for bank loans: pledge

    • What is a pledge?
    • Depository and depository participant
    • How to create a pledge?

9. Other kinds of security

    • Lien on fixed deposits
    • Assignment of book debts, and life insurance policies

10. Conclusion: different kinds of security

    • Summing up the different types of securitySecurity perfection and CERSAI Filing

11. Security perfection and CERSAI Filing

    • Paying stamp duty, registering charges and mortgages
    • CERSAI filing

12. Security trustee

  •         Role of a security trustee

13. Guarantee & letter of comfort

    • Guarantee
    • Letter of comfort

14. Conclusion

  • Next steps


*Link to the entire course can be accessed here: Lending & Security Creation in Banking Business

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