Madras HC | No considerable research made in “Siddha Medicines”, allotment of funds & popularisation of concept required by Government

Siddha system is a neglected child both by Central and State Governments, whereas Ayurvedam is developed by Central and other State Governments.”

Madras High Court: The Bench of N. Kirubakaran and S.S Sundar, JJ., dealt with a PIL which brought to its notice that the Siddha Medical College Hospital, Palayamkottai, Tirunelveli District was not having sufficient facilities even for running as a college.

On noting the above issue placed before the Bench in the form of a Public Interest Litigation, other concerns in respect of the same were also placed such as “no possibility of any scope for researches”.

The High Court directed the Tamil Nadu Government to take steps to see that more funds are allotted and research is made for the development of “Siddha Medicines” which are to be popularised by the Government in an appropriate manner.

Hence, the High Court on considering the stated facts and circumstances directed the Central and State Government to give the below stated details:

  1. What is the allotment made by the Central and State Governments for the development of Siddha Medicine for Tamil Nadu for the past 5 years?
  2. In how many places, researches in Siddha Medicine are being raised?
  3. Whether suitable scholars are available in Siddha Medicine to guide the students in Tamil Nadu?
  4. Whether employment opportunities are available for the degree holders in Siddha Medicine?
  5. Whether degree holders in Siddha Medicine in Tamil Nadu are in excess or in shortage?
  6. What are the plans that the State Government proposed to have for the development of Siddha Medicine?
  7. What are all the steps taken by the Central and State Government to identify the herbal plants which are the basis for Siddha Medicine?
  8. Whether steps have been taken to preserve species in Siddha Medicine?
  9. What is the quantum of money spent by Central and State Governments for the research and development of Siddha Medicine for the past 5 years? 

In view of the above, the matter has been posted for 22-04-2019.[Dr K. Murugesan v. Govt. of T.N., 2019 SCC OnLine Mad 1014, Order dated 04-04-2019]

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