TNNLU| Faculty Development Programme on International Law

A five-day Faculty Development Programme (FDP) in International Law is organized by the Tamil Nadu National Law University, Tiruchirappalli, which is designed to enhance the teaching-learning and research skills of early career researchers and academics actively engaged in the scholarship on International Law.

The aim of the FDP is to provide the participants with an opportunity to acquire knowledge about contemporary developments that are taking place in various specialized fields of International Law. The FDP aims to deepen our understanding of modern teaching tools and methodologies that are deployed by scholars in the field of International Law.

More importantly, this interactive and inclusive programme will shed light on new, tried and tested, result-driven and impact-based methods of teaching basics of International Law and its various specialized areas by leading global experts in the field. The ultimate goal of this FDP is to not only promote cutting-edge research in International Law but also to motivate young and passionate academics to utilise the suitable of teaching methods in their classrooms so as to train a new generation of students who are well-versed in the fundamentals of International Law and who are willing to contribute in the development of International Law globally. The University is also pleased to announce that, as a part of the FDP, it will host a Memorial Roundtable to celebrate the life and work of Professor C. H. Alexandrowicz (1902– 75), who has contributed generously to the corpus of International Law as well as contributed to the development of legal education in our country in the immediate post-Independence era. Prof. Alexandrowicz engaged in the writing of a global history of law that disengaged from traditional parochial and regional histories. He championed the rights of developing countries to equal participation in the making of an international legal order. His scholarship is in many ways prescient and offers us a refreshing view with a deep historical perspective that needs to be reinvigorated and presented before the young generation of inquisitive researchers. Another pressing reason to bring his scholarship to the fore is to counter the prevalent tendency of Eurocentrism in history of international law.

For more details, refer Roundtable Celebrating Prof. C.H. Alexandrowics

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    Hello, if you haven’t chosen prof T R Subramanya an expert in international law i think this program stands incomplete.I have heard some of the speakers who will be speaking, but , prof subramanya is a magnum opus.He worked as an advisor to a foreign government, and he was the former vice chancellor of law university Karnataka.

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