University is a place where students tend to learn through process and develop it further into their ideology. It is the prime spot where the process which involves thinking of an individual can be enhanced or developed. The goal setting up of universities as different from the schools is also the same. So this pursuit of Drishtikon is a small step toward more wholesome development.
Drishtikon has been started by four students of 3rd Year batch which stood as a major success. It has been step up in way as to the core members of the drishtikon will be the moderators for the topic respectively. The topic for the discussion will be chosen by one of the moderators and disclosed very spot of the discussion. The idea behind this endeavor of Drishtikon is to have an exchange of thoughts and perspectives between students who largely come from various parts of the country.
Drishtikon has conducted discussions on various issues:
1.Sabarimala Temple: Issue and Judgment
2.Third Party Intervention in Kashmir issue
3.Moral Policing
4.Supreme Court’s Judgment on Adultery
5.Porn Ban by Uttarakhand HIgh court
6.What Role does religion play in development of society
The major discussion conducted by the student body is regarding Expenditure of Public money by the Government for ulterior motives(statute of unity issue)

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