SEBI constitutes ‘Research Advisory Committee (RAC)’

In order to strengthen its research function and enhance its linkage to policy making, SEBI has constituted a Research Advisory Committee headed by Dr Sankar De and comprising of prominent financial economists and market practitioners as members.

The terms of reference of the Committee are:

  1. Defining objectives, scope and direction of research relevant for development and regulation of capital markets in India and for SEBI, especially keeping in view the linkage of research to policy making.
  2. Strategy for effective execution and delivery of research identified under item (1) above.
  3. Promotion/development/maintenance of databases relevant for capital market regulation research.
  4. Exploring research collaborations with external researchers, including other regulators as well as academic institutions, both domestically and overseas, as appropriate.
  5. Promotion/development of research proposals in-house as well as by interested external researchers.

PR No.: 2/2019

[Dated: 08-01-2019]

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