Kritika Krishnamurthy, Partner at AK & Partners on judging National Mediation Competition

Mrs. Kritika Krishnamurthy is a Partner, AK & Partners and Director, Bridge Mediation and Consulting Pvt. Ltd. a Startup company engaged in providing private mediation, negotiation and mediation consulting services.

  1. What do you think about the quality of National Mediation Competition held between 18th to 20th January, 2019?

The quality of the problems was very good. The quality of judges’ briefing was also very good. The exposure of participants to mediation techniques in the competition was lacking.

  1. Were you judging a National Mediation Competition for the first time? If no, could you compare it with the one you judged before?

I have judged Negotiation rounds of National Law School of Indian University, Bengaluru. I draft their problems so I cannot provide an unbiased response. The judges briefing at RMLNLU was better than NLSIU. The exposure of participants to negotiation techniques was better at NLSIU.

  1. Do you think the hospitality and the organisation was upto the mark?

The student co-ordinators did their very best to ensure everything went smoothly. Good food and transportation arrangements. Very helpful student co-ordinators and faculty.

  1. What would you advise the participants and the organising committee of RMLNLU?


Since mediation is a lot about speaking skills and presence of mind, it is important for participants to practice speaking like a mediator or negotiator and prepare opening presentations. Prepare a game plan on how you will approach a problem. Prepare questions you can pose to the parties for brainstorming. Practice active listening and be alert. Most importantly please remember that you are in control of the process because you are not in control of the decision making. Do not allow parties to get way laid for even 1 second from the agenda at hand.

Organising Committee– Great job. Keep it up!

  1. Do you look forward to coming to RMLNLU again? To judge the finals?

Yes. I very much look forward to come to RMLNLU for this event and others as well.


Interviewed by Kratika Indurkhya, Student Ambassador of EBC. She is pursuing her law (4th semester) from RMLNLU, Lucknow. She has participated in various moot courts and negotiation competitions.


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