On the auspicious day of 122nd birth anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Banaras Hindu University had conducted a guest lecture by Ishaan Dave, a barrister from London.  He is currently practicing in the field of Criminal Law in the UK and has been in this profession for 13 years.

Banaras Hindu University alumni base is very old and prominent and one such alumni, Anjani Kumar Singh, Advocate at Bombay High Court also enlightened us on the very same day.

There were two main issues discussed:

  1. Access to Practice in the UK
  2. Hierarchy of Courts in the UK

Access to Practice in the UK

Mr. Ishaan unleashed his knowledge regarding how an Indian can practice into the UK, what will be the challenges, what are the privileges, what are the ways in which one can fulfill his or her dream of working in foreign law firms.

He told us about the importance of having LLB degree as a first step. Also, he mentioned about GDPL Programs which one can do if he is interested in becoming a solicitor or barrister.

Hierarchy of Courts in the UK

 There are two courts basically; one is for civil cases and the other for criminal cases.

Criminal Cases

The lowest court in criminal case is the Magistrates’ Court which consists of three well meaning members of society and one legal advisor.

After Magistrates’ Court, comes Crown Court where serious offences undergo trial.

After Crown Court, come High Court then Court of Appeal and then the Supreme Court.

Civil Cases

The similar hierarchy is followed in civil court as that of criminal courts except the lower court is called the County Court.

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