Kerala HC | Breaking| Ban on “Flash Hartals”; 7-day prior notice required

Kerala High Court

Kerala High Court: An order has been passed by the Court banning flash hartals in the wake of the series of hartals witnessed by Kerala either by the ongoing Sabarimala issue or some other matter such as trade union, etc.

The High Court maintained that the outfits making hartal calls should be made accountable for any damages caused to the public due to the hartal. The court observed that while everyone has the right to stage protests, it should not infringe the basic right. The petition was filed by Kerala Chamber of Commerce and Industry and some other forums.

The High Court stated that any violence during a shutdown is unconstitutional and that it impacts citizen’s fundamental rights. Everyone has the right to protest, but no one should be forcibly made to participate in a protest.

[Source: Indianexpress]

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