The GNLU Centre for Constitutional and Administrative Law in collaboration with SCC Online and Eastern Book Company organised the 3rd edition of the Intra-Constitutional Law Quiz, “The Constitution Quest”, on 26th September 2018. The quiz master was Mr. Darshan Patankar, the winner of the previous edition of the quiz.

On 15th September, a google form was circulated for registration for the quiz. A team of 2 members could register for the quiz. Registrations were received from 40 teams. The teams were allotted team codes for the preliminary rounds. In the preliminary rounds, 32 teams participated. 25 questions were asked from the teams, mostly objective type questions. Top 6 teams with the highest marks in the preliminary rounds qualified for the final round of the quiz.

Team 1: Anand Kumar and Manish Soni
Team 2: Ronak Kanoongo and Aarsh Chokshi
Team 3: Prominder Goyat and Manthan Nagpal
Team 4: Prasad Hegde and Brijraj Deora
Team 5: Gourav Manikesh and Vijeta Hosamani
Team 6: Jagrat Shah and Devarsh Shah (there were 7 teams with the same score, for tie breaker marks in starred questions which were part of the preliminary round itself were considered).

The Final Round was another fierce battle. The level of the questions was on a different plane as compared to the preliminary round. But the 6 teams proved that they deserved to be in the final rounds. Each team was originally asked 5 questions, with a chance of scoring more marks in pass questions. In the end the team of Anand Kumar and Manish Soni emerged victorious. The team of Ronak Kanoongo and Aarsh Chokshi came from behind and scored 40 marks in the last round of the finals to be adjudged as the runners-up. The consistent team of Gourav and Vijeta came 3rd in the quiz.

The Valedictory Ceremony was graced by the presence of Dr. RK Singh, Dean Academic Affairs and Mr. Avinash Bhagi, Deputy Registrar and Centre Director, GNLU CCAL.
The following prizes were given to each member of the top 6 teams:
Winners: MP Singh’s  Comparative Constitutional + EBC Learning Yearly Access cards (sponsored by EBC) + Trophy (sponsored by CCAL)+ Certificate of Merit
Runners Up – Tope on Constitutional law + EBC Learning Yearly Access Cards (sponsored by EBC) + Trophy (sponsored by CCAL) + Certificate of Merit

2nd Runners Up- SC on Words and Phrases + EBC Learning Yearly Access Cards (sponsored by EBC) + Trophy (sponsored by CCAL) + Certificate of Merit

4th-6th team: Certificate of Participation

Congratulations to all the teams!!!

The event ended with a vote of thanks given by Mr. Darshan Patankar.

Vote of thanks: I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Bimal N. Patel, Director of GNLU, Dr. RK Singh, Dean Academic Affairs and Mr. Avinash Bhagi, Deputy Registrar for providing the opportunity and resources for organising this competition. I would like to thank EBC and SCC Online for sponsoring this competition. Last but not the least, I would like to thank Mr. Shashibhushan and Ms. Kanisha for helping and guiding us in organising the competition. This competition would not have been possible without the contribution of Mr. Darshan, Mr. Devansh Saraswat and Mr. Hemandu Aswal.

View the  photos and videos HERE

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