4th NUJS-AIFTP Justice Dr B P Saraf National Tax Moot Court, 2018 (Live Blog)

West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata (“NUJS”) proudly brings to you the  4th NUJS-AIFTP Justice Dr. B P Saraf National Tax Moot Court which is scheduled to take place between September 07-09, 2018.

The NUJS-AIFTP Justice Dr. B P Saraf National Tax Moot Court Competition was started in 2014 as a collaboration between NUJS and All India Federation of Tax Practitioners (Eastern Zone) (“AIFTP”). It was instituted in the memory of Hon’ble Justice Dr. BP Saraf, former-Chief Justice of High Court of Jammu and Kashmir as well as an eminent arbitrator. The Moot provides participants with the opportunity to learn and develop through challenging case scenarios as well as interactions with the leading practitioners in the field of taxation law. It is now recognised as the largest and the most prestigious taxation law moot court competition in India.

In the 4th edition of the Moot, NUJS has joined hands with Khaitan and Co., which will be awarding a pan-India internship to the Best Speaker. This year, the stakes are higher than ever, with 24 teams from law universities across India competing against each other for such prestigious awards.

Following is the brief schedule for the Moot:

Day 1 (7th September)

Registration for participants and Exchange of Memorials.

Day 2 (8th September)

Preliminary rounds and Quarter-Finals.

Day 3 (9th September)

Semi-Finals and Finals.

Day 2 (8th September)

09:00 hours: Welcome! Judges for the 4th AIFTP-NUJS Justice BP Saraf Moot Court Competition, 2018 have started arriving. There are two Preliminary rounds of twelve courts each scheduled for today. Eight teams will qualify to the Quarter-Finals to be held in the evening. In the background, NUJS celebrates Onam. Happy Onam everyone!

09:15 hours: Orientation for the Judges has begun. Orientation was taken by Mr. Subhash Agarwal, the Problem Drafter.


09:45 hours:  The 24 teams participating in the Moot have arrived and have been seated in their respective courtrooms.

10:00 hours: Preliminary round 1 has commenced.


12:00 hours: Courts for preliminary round 1 have ended. Participants proceed to lunch. A participant was heard saying: “Great food!”

13:00 hours: Preliminary round 2 has commenced.


14:30 hours: Courts for Preliminary round 2 have ended. Scoresheets proceed to the Tab Room.

15:15 hours:  Results are underway and to be announced soon. Tensions are on the rise!

15:30: Results are announced. Following teams have proceed for the Quarter-Finals:

  1. National Law University, Orissa
  2. MNLU, Nagpur
  3. RMNLU
  4. SLS, Pune
  5. Jindal Global Law School
  6. Law Centre Faculty Delhi
  7. NLIU Bhopal
  8. Sastra

We congratulate them and wish them for the rounds!

15:45: Memo exchange takes place for Quarter-Finals.

16:00: Quarter-finals have commenced. Some exciting courts are underway.

18:00: Quarter-finals have ended. Scores awaited!

19:00: Following colleges have made it to the Semi-Finals. A huge congratulations!

  1. NLUO
  2. MNLU, Nagpur
  3. SLS
  4. Law Centre Faculty, Delhi

19:30: After a long day, participants proceed for dinner!

Day 3 (9th September)

10:00: First round of semi-finals has begun. The semi-finals were judged by Justice Shekhar B. Saraf, Justice Subrata Talukdar and Justice Shivkant Prasad, all of whom are sitting judges in the Calcutta High Court.

14:20: After two extremely competitive semi-final rounds, the teams that proceed to the Grand Finals of the 4th NUJS-AIFTP Justice Dr. B. P. Saraf National Tax Moot Court Competition 2018 are National Law University, Orissa and Symbiosis Law School, Pune.

15:20: The round is announced open by the Convenor of the Moot Court Society of NUJS, Aryan Agarwal. The petitioner seeks permission to appraoch the dias. The finals are now underway! The judges for the finals are Justice Shekhar B. Saraf, Justice (Retd.) Kalyan Jyotisengupta and Justice (Retd.) Tarun Chatterjee, all of the Calcutta High Court.

17:00: After an extremely competitive round, the winners are National Law University, Orissa! Symbiosis Law School, Pune finished as Runners-Up. We heard from the distinguished panel of judges as well as the problem-drafter before the prizes were given out.

Thank you, that is all from the team at the 4th NUJS-AIFTP Justice Dr. B. P. Saraf Moot Court Competition 2018!

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