The World Conference on Clinical Legal Education, Legal Aid and Human Rights 2018 is an attempt to discuss various ways in which social justice can be provided to the people around the globe through Clinical Legal Education and Legal Aid. While Human Rights is one of the most debated topic these days, Clinical Legal Education and concept of legal aid is also gathering momentum slowly specially in developing countries. Clinical Legal Education is seen as an effective tool for law teaching and social justice but the potential of this tool has not been realized completely and till date this form of legal education has underdeveloped. The problems faced by law clinics and legal aid cells are multi facet and there is a ambiguity in the approaches adopted by clinicians and tutors.

Apart from Clinical Legal Education and Legal Aid, the conference will also focus on contemporary issues and challenges in Human Rights Law both at national and international level. Today Human Rights issues has gained a significant importance and occupied a pivotal position in policy considerations at the national and international level. However, after 70 years of enactment of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) world has witnessed numerous human rights violation such as refugee crises, torture, slavery, denial of transgender rights. The rights of women and children are also ignored in many different ways. All these issues have posed with various challenges and has given rise the need to discuss the effectiveness and better implementation of human rights.

This conference will serve as a platform for law clinic and legal aid cell members, teachers, professors, students, human rights activists and lawyers from all over the globe to come forward to reflect upon various issues faced by them in their approach towards access to justice. Apart from plenary sessions, this conference will also ponder upon our response towards such challenges and what approach is adopted in different countries. There will be special workshop sessions conducted by senior faculty members chosen for exceptional contribution in legal aid education to share their experience and the approach adopted by them to tackle the problems faced.

Date: 16th December 2018

Venue: New Delhi, India

Organised by: Knowledge Steez

Who can apply: Law Students, Academicians, Lawyers and those associated with NGOs are eligible to apply. Students and Academicians from social sciences, managements and from other disciplines are also eligible.

Event Partners

  • Youth Advocacy Nepal
  • All India Law Teachers Congress
  • YHRI Nepal
  • ILS Law College Pune
  • Clinical Legal Education: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Approach towards Justice Education
  • The role of Legal Aid Cells and Law Clinics in bridging the gap between theory and Practice
  • Role of Clinical Legal Education in improving Access to Justice
  • Role of Clinical Legal Education in Catering to need of society
  • Impact of Globalization on Clinical Legal Education
  • Role of the Bar and Bench in the Development of Clinical Legal Education in India
  • Street Law and its development in Asia
  • Initiatives and Innovation in Clinical Legal Education
  • Working of Legal Aid Clinics and discussing Measures for effective functioning of the Legal Aid Clinics
  • Use of new technologies in Teaching Law
  • Use of Clinical Legal Education Pedagogy in Law Teaching
  • Challenges to Clinical Legal Education in Europe and America
  • Challenges to Clinical Legal Education in Asia and Africa
  • Challenges to Clinical Legal Education in developed and developing countries
  • Role of Social Media in legal awareness
  • Human Rights of Women and Children
  • Right to Abortion : Issues and Challenges
  • Surrogacy
  • Marital rape
  • Child Labor, Child Sexual Abuse
  • Human rights of Sex Workers
  • Human Rights of Transgender Community
  • Status of Indigenous People, Racial Discrimination
  • The Minorities and Human Rights
  • Human Rights of Manual Scavengers
  • Human Trafficking
  • Conflict between IPR and Human Rights
  • Human Rights of Migrant Workers
  • Human Rights of Aged and Disabled
  • Role of NGOs in advocacy for Human Rights
  • The Right to Privacy and Human Rights
  • International Humanitarian Law: Contemporary challenges
  • Refugee Crisis: Issues and Challenges
  • Environmental Rights
  • Interface between Human Rights, Environment and Development

Kindly note that the above the above list is not inclusive and session proposals on any title related to Human Rights can be submitted.
Submit soft copy at the email address: hrworldconference2018@gmail. com

REGISTRATION FEE: Early Bird Registration (Before 30th September 2018)
Indian Delegates
o Participation: Rs. 1000
o Presentation

Ø Students: INR 1400/- (Co- author- Rs. 2500 for both authors)
Ø Research Scholars, Faculty Members and others: INR 1800/- (Coauthor- Rs. 3000 for both authors)
Ø Presentation in absentia: INR 2000/- (Co- author- Rs. 3500 for both authors)

International Delegates
without accommodation: $80
with accommodation : $ 130
Registration Fee after 30th September 2018
Indian Delegates
o Participation: Rs. 1200
o Presentation

Ø Students: INR 1600/- (Co- author- Rs. 2800 for both authors)
Ø Research Scholars, Faculty Members and others: INR 2000/- (Co-author- Rs. 3500 for both authors)
Ø Presentation in absentia: INR 2300/- (Co-author- Rs. 4000 for both authors)

International Delegates
without accommodation: $100
with accommodation : $ 150
Ø Mode of payment will be mailed to the participants after selection of their session proposal.
Ø Certificates will be awarded to all people including Non presenters but attendees.
Ø Co-Author have to register separately (Maximum two co authors allowed).

International Delegates who are willing to be a part of this conference can apply for

o Registration fee waiver
o Accommodation grant

To apply for registration fee waiver and accommodation grant, the participants are requested to send the waiver application form along with session proposal latest by 30th October 2018. The waiver application form is attached along with the brochure. It is to be noted that Knowledge Steez reserves the sole right for selection of the waiver applications of the candidates and the selection procedure cannot be put into question.

To view the Brochure, click HERE

Download the World Conference 2018- Waiver Form here.

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