Ram Mandir Babri Masjid | Shia Waqf Board to SC: Want to settle the dispute by peace

Supreme Court: The 3-Judge Bench comprising of CJI Dipak Misra, Ashok Bhushan, and S. Abdul Nazeer JJ. resumed with the proceedings on the ongoing Ayodhya matter dispute over the rights of the Hindu and Muslim community to build a temple or a masjid today.

Shia Waqf Board submitted to the Supreme Court that they want to settle the dispute by peace. They also stated that the custodian of the Babri mosque was a Shia and the Sunni Waqf Board or anyone else is not the representative of Muslims in India.

Senior Advocate Rajiv Dhawan said ‘Shia Waqf Board has no locus to speak in this case.’

‘No faith has the right to destroy a mosque. The fact that a mosque is destroyed does not conclude the argument of the right to prayer’: Rajeev Dhawan

Further, Dhawan placed his arguments on whether collateral issue decided by Court would constitute ‘Res Judicata’.

Shia Waqf Board: Matter need not be referred to Constitution Bench reiterates that it is ready to relinquish claims in the national interest.

The proceedings in the said matter to continue on 20-07-2018.

[Source: ANI]

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