SC: All Media Persons/Journalists allowed to carry mobile phones in the Court Rooms

Supreme Court: The Apex Court on June 25, 2018, issued a circular concerning the grant of permission to the  Media persons/Journalists to carry mobile phones inside the Court Rooms.

The Hon’ble Chief Justice of India allowed the mobile phones in the premises of the Courtrooms by stating that the Media Persons/Journalists who have been issued six months’ passes by the Registry are allowed to carry their phones on silent mode and Deputy Registrar (Public Relations) will grant the same permission on the issued passes.

One of the conditions being put along with the permission was the confiscation of the mobile phone by the Court Master and handing it over to the Additional Registrar (Security) if any disturbance/nuisance would be found by the same. [Circular No.- File No. 33/BAR/2018/SCA(G), dated: 25-06-2018]

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