Central Information Commission: In response to appeal filed seeking information on all the files related to operation “Blue Star”, CIC disposed of the appeal by stating that “the disclosure of information would have been prejudicial to internal security of the nation”.

The appellant had initially sought information on all files related to operation blue star with CPIO, PMO. Appellant contended that disclosure of information at such belated stage in no way could prejudicially affect the security or strategic interests of the State, unless the Indian Army had done any injustice.

Commission had asked the CPIO for written submissions, in which the CPIO stated that disclosure of these records at any point would have severe implications on the integrity of the State and invariably enable anti-national elements. By keeping in mind the current scenario, where the electronic media has reached every nook and corner, the said information would have an instantaneous effect. CPIO by stating the instance of assault of Lt. Gen K S Brar (Retd.) of Z plus category of security only for his involvement in the conduct of operation blue star, wanted to bring out the gravity of disclosing the information asked upon.

Therefore, Commission after keeping in mind the above contentions of the appellant found no merits in it and had further conceded with the view of CPIO that disclosure of the records would be a potential cause for the incitement of offences of varied nature and a threat to the internal security of the State. [Navdeep Gupta v. CPIO, CIC/IARMY/A/2017/602079/SD, dated, 27-03-2018]

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