Guidelines & Protocols on medico-legal care of survivors/victims of sexual violence

The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has prepared ‘Guidelines & Protocols on Medico-legal care for survivors/victims of Sexual Violence.’  These Guidelines and protocols cover various aspects, such as role of health professionals, medical examinations and reporting, psycho-social care for survivors/victims, guidelines for interface with other agencies such as police and Judiciary, etc.  The Guidelines have been circulated to all States/UTs in the country.  Further, as per Guidelines, if a women reports with a pregnancy resulting from an assault, she is to be given the option of undergoing an abortion, and protocols for Medically Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) are to be followed.  The Products of Conception (PoC) may be sent as evidence to the Forensic Lab (FSL) for establishing paternity/identifying the accused.

Ministry of Women and Child Development

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