GNLU: Credit Course on Intelligence and Security


GNLU is offering a course on Intelligence and Security designed to introduce students and practitioners to the increasing role that intelligence plays in contemporary national security. It will provide basic understanding of what intelligence is, role of its agencies followed by discussion on the concept of security, national security while exploring the nature of contemporary threats that pose challenges to the state. It will also investigate on the responses and choices policy makers are forced to make. The course aims to provide students a deeper appreciation of the nuances of security, threat assessment and role and importance of intelligence.

The Center for Foreign Policy and Security was established in 2009 with the objective of advancing the analysis of foreign policy and security issues as well as contribute to the expansion of knowledge of Indian and international security issues and policy and generate an awareness amongst the public at large.

2017 Edition: This is the first Edition of the course. The resource persons are the experts in the discipline of security and intelligence and law enforcement officers.

Date: 8- 10 September, 2017

Venue:  Vitan-II, Gujarat National Law University

Credit Course on Intelligence and National Security – Schedule

Friday, 8 September, 2017
Registration 0900 to 1000
Inaugural Session 1000 to 11.00
Tea Break : 11.00 to 11.30
Session I: Intelligence: Key Concepts and Debates

• Defining the terms Security, Defence, Information and Intelligence

• Application of Intelligence techniques — Past and Present

• Importance of Information

• Intelligence Ethics

Mr. D C Pathak 1130 to 1230
Session II: Regionalism, organized crime and other threats to Security Mr Rajiv Mathur 1230 to 1330
Lunch : 13.30 to 1 L4.30
Session III: India’s Security Setup Mr D C Pathak 1430 to 1530
Tea Break: 15.3 0 to 16.00
Session IV: Threat from China Mr Rajiv Mathur 16.00 to 1700
Saturday, 9 September 2017
Breakfast: 0800 to 0900
Session V: Challenges to National Security

• Judicial Responses

• Center-State Coordination

• Civil Society and its Role

• Human Resources

Mr Rajiv Mathur 0900 to 1000
Tea Break: 1000 to 1030
Session VI: Cross Border and Faith Based Terrorism Mr D C Pathak 1030 to 1130


Session VII: Threat from Pakistan Mr A B Mathur 1130 to 1230
Session VIII: J& K: Issues and Challenges Mr Ashok Prasad 1230 to 1330
Lunch: 1330 to 1430
Session IX: Bangladesh Mr Jaideep Saikia 1430 to 1530
Tea Break: 1530 to 1600
Session X: Threat from Neighbouring Countries

(Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Maldives etc.

Mr A B Mathur 1600 to 1700
Sunday, 10 September 2 017 (Day 3)
Breakfast: 0800 to 0900
Session XI: Contemporary Issues and Concerns

• Migration and Refugee

Mr Ashok Prasad 0900 to 1000
Session XII: Timely and Effective Intelligence Mr A B Mathur 1000 to 1100
Tea Break: 1100 to 1130
Session XIII: Contemporary Issues and Concerns

• Cyber Security

Mr Ashok Prasad 1130 to 1230
Session XIV: Naxalite and Left Wing Extremism Mr Ashok Prasad 1230 to 1330
Lunch: 1330 to 1430
Session XV: Insurgency in the North- East Mr Jaideep Saikia 1430 to 1530
Tea Break: 1530 to 1600
Session XVI: Threat of Radicalisation Mr Jaideep Saikia 1600 to 1700
Valedictory and Distribution of Certificates 1700 to 1730

For queries and any other details, contact:
Dr. William Nunes:; (M) +918128650855
Dr. Aruna Kumar Malik:; (M) +918128650850


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