Nithari serial killings: Surinder Koli & Moninder Singh Pandher awarded death sentence

As reported by the media, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Court at Ghaziabad has awarded death sentence to Surinder Koli and Moninder Singh Pandher in connection with the murder and attempted rape of 20-year-old Pinki Sarkar. This case is eighth of the 16 cases of rape, murder, abduction and criminal conspiracy in Nithari, Noida against the two accused.

CBI Special Judge (Anti-Corruption) Pawan Kumar Tiwari, who pronounced the sentence called it a ‘rarest of rare’ case. “There is no scope for their (the accused’s) reform or rehabilitation. This case falls under the category of rarest of rare and both deserve death penalty”.

On Saturday, the CBI Court held both the accused guilty of attempted rape, murder and destruction of evidence. Out of the 16 cases, eight have been decided so far and the Ghaziabad court has awarded prime accused Surinder Koli death penalty in each case.

Source: Hindustan Times

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