Equal Opportunity cum Enabling Cell ILS Law College announces One Day National Conference on Critical Reflections on Disability Sensitive Legal Order: Indian Scenario, 26th August, 2017, sponsored by UGC.


With the adoption of UNCRPD, there is a paradigm shift in the approach of the political establishment dealing with persons with disabilities (herein after PWDs). Now there is growing recognition of the fact that disability is more a socially created barrier than a medical problem.

One of the main aims of this conference is to generate a critical and reflective discussion on problematizing ableistic notion of personhood underlying existing legal order. By using inputs from UNCRPD, we would insist for a transformation in the thinking of formation of legal orders and civil societies. It will be emphasized during the deliberations that over emphasis on rationality and normality as central criteria of personhood leads to exclusion of PWDs as a social group from the process of formation of society in general and legal order including constitution making in particular. We would also demonstrate by engaging with the critique of equality regime that how it is exclusionary in not paying adequate attention to the principle of rights enabling conditions and reasonable accommodation. We will insist that emphasis should not be on mere conferment of equal opportunities. The same must be genuine. To introduce genuineness in the notion of equal opportunities, assessment of risk factor has to be made and for the same inquiry has to be extended to gauge the level of disadvantage with which lives of PWDs are challenged.

In the proposed One Day National Conference we intend to critically examine the major aspects of this law with special focus on equality, reasonable accommodation and the implement machinery conceived therein. Issues like relationship of transformative equality and Article 14 of Indian Constitution and viability of invocation of principle of reasonable accommodation in the field of public employment will require consideration and serious deliberation. It would also be imperative to enquire whether the implementation mechanism conceived under this law comports with the contingencies spelled out in Article 33 of the Convention.

DETAILS OF SESSIONS: We propose to divide the conference in four sessions- Two plenary sessions and two parallel sessions for presentation of papers by the participants.

SESSION 1: Exploring the contours of disability rights jurisprudence

PROPOSED RESOURCE PERSONS: Prof. Dr. M.P.Singh, Chancellor, Central University, Haryana & Director, Centre for Comparative Constitutional Law, NLUD

Prof. Dr. Kalpana Kannaviran, Director, Council of Social Development, Hyderabad.

PANEL OF EXPERTS: Dr.S.L.Deshpande, Former Head, Department of Law, RSTM University of Nagpur

Dr. Sanjay Jain, Associate Professor, ILS Law College, Pune

The main objective of this session is to problematize the existing exclusionary theory and to generate discussion for the evolution of an inclusive ad assimilative disability rights sensitive theory of justice. In this connection, inter alia, we would focus on capabilities approach evolved by philosophers like Martha Nusbum and Amartya Sen

SESSION 2: Reflections on key doctrines, standards and principles underlying disability rights jurisprudence

PROPOSED RESOURCE PERSONS: Dr.S.L.Deshpande, Former Head, Department of Law, RSTM University of Nagpur

Dr. Sanjay Jain, Associate Professor, ILS Law College, Pune

PANEL OF EXPERTS: Mr. Arvind Prabhu, Disability Rights Activist, Mumbai

Mr. Nilesh Singit, Disability Rights Activist, Mumbai

Due to time constraint, focus in this session would be on mainly two concepts- Reasonable accommodation and Right to accessibility.

PARALLEL SESSIONS: Parallel session 1 is dedicated to (a) Disability Rights Legal Theory and (b) Right to access to justice of persons with disability.

Parallel session 2 is dedicated to the critique of Rights of Persons with Disability Act, 2016.

EXPECTED OUTCOME: We expect to achieve following outcomes-

1. Sensitization of academia with the current developments in disability rights jurisprudence;

2. Creation of space for challenging existing exclusionary approach to the theory of justice;

3. Raising consciousness of PWDs and able bodied students alike about disability rights jurisprudence;

4. Active participation of able bodied students in this area of study;

5. Creation of platform for developing alternative disability rights sensitive vision to the study of legal theory and Constitutional Law.

Click Here for the conference brochure .

The interested participants, faculty, students, lawyers, social activists can participate in the deliberations of this important conference through interventions during the discussions or by way of presentation of papers.

The last date for submission of abstract not exceeding more than 500 words in Times New Roman, Font Size 12 and margin of 1 inch in MS Word format is 20 days i.e. 22-07-2017 (Saturday).

Communication to the participants after the scrutiny of the abstracts by the peer review committee, 31-07-2017 (Monday).

Co authorship is only confined to TWO.

Deadline for submission of full paper: Submission of full paper not exceeding 4000 words including footnotes and references in Times New Roman, Font Size 12 and margin of 1 inch in MS Word format by the shot listed participants, 14-08-2017.

Participants shall bear travel, lodging and boarding. However, college will be happy to provide hospitalities viz., lunch and breakfast during the day of the conference. Participants shall also be entitled to Participation certificate and reading material.

Registration Fee: ILS Students: Rs. 300/-

Non- ILS Students: Rs. 500/-

Others: Rs.1000/- Click Here for Registration Form.

Mode of Payment: Payments may in two modes.

1. Bank transfer

Bank details:

Bank name: State Bank of India

Branch: Deccan Gymkhana

Account Number: 35826339376

IFSC Code: SBIN0001110

While making the online payment in the REMARK column please mention “NCFDR 2017”.

UTR number and Reference number should be mentioned in the registration form which the participants are requested to download by using the following link

2. Demand Draft: Participants who wish to make the payments through DD, shall submit the same along with the registration form in the college office at Counter No. 1 between 10.00 AM TO 1:00 PM and between 2:00 PM TO 4:00 PM.

Along with the submission of abstracts/Full papers, the participants shall mail the registration form to

DATE OF CONFERENCE: 26th August, 2018. Saturday.

Venue: Conference Hall, Sarswati Building, ILS Law College.

Dates to remember: Last date for submission of abstract: 22-07-2017

Date of communication of shot listed abstracts: 31-07-2017

Last date for submission of Full paper: 14-08-2017.

Contact Details: For any queries please contact Dr. Sanjay Jain, Mr. D.P.Kendre {Faculty of ILS Law College} through email at, Gnanusha, student coordinator, 7768060959.

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