The Goods and Services Tax (GST) was rolled out on 1st of July 2017. With the roll-out of the GST, 22 States in India have abolished their check posts. The details are as under –

  1. Andhra Pradesh
  2. Arunachal Pradesh
  3. Bihar
  4. Gujarat
  5. Karnataka
  6. Kerala
  7. Madhya Pradesh
  8. Maharashtra
  9. Sikkim
  10. Tamil Nadu
  11. West Bengal
  12. Chhattisgarh
  13. Delhi
  14. Goa
  15. Haryana
  16. Jharkhand
  17. Odisha
  18. Puducherry
  19. Rajasthan
  20. Telangana
  21. Uttar Pradesh
  22. Uttarakhand

 States where check posts are in the process of being abolished:

  1. Assam
  2. Himachal Pradesh
  3. Manipur
  4. Meghalaya
  5. Nagaland
  6. Punjab
  7. Mizoram
  8. Tripura

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