Notice issued to Govt. of Tamil Nadu and SP, Tirupur over reports of police excess against protesters

The National Human Rights Commission has issued notices to the Chief Secretary, DGP, Government of Tamil Nadu and Superintendent of Police, Tirupur calling for reports within two weeks on a widely reported incident of police excess while dispersing about 300 people, who were protesting against the opening of a liquor shop in the residential area. Reportedly, the police started indiscriminately beating them with sticks due to which more than 20 persons were seriously injured in on 11th April, 2017. A senior police officer also slapped a woman and hit another one while chasing them.

The Commission has observed that it appears the police had taken law into their hands by exceeding their power in resorting to indiscriminate beating of the protesters and in fact a senior officer himself had gone to the extent of beating women who were standing helpless and defenceless. The reports indicate sad state of affairs in the place of incident wherein the innocent and peaceful protesters have been beaten resulting in severe injuries. The act of the police is nothing but serious violation of human rights and that too rights guaranteed to women for their self-respect.

According to the media reports, carried today on 12th April, 2017, a liquor shop run by Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation Ltd. (TASMAC) on a highway in Tirupur District was closed pursuant to the directions of the Apex Court. However, a new shop was opened at Samalapuram Four Road Junction and that too in a residential area. Residents of the area numbering 300 staged protest opposing the opening the shop and in that process they blocked the Highway. Reports also state that the police tried to persuade the protesters bit in vain.

National Human Rights Commission

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