Jindal Global Law School to host 2nd edition of TEDxJGU:  ‘Bridges. Not boundaries.’

Jindal Global Law School is all set to host the second edition of TEDxJGU on the 23rd of February 2017. Bigger, better and stronger!  The theme for TEDxJGU 2017 is: Bridges. Not boundaries. A quote that aptly reflects the purpose of the theme is this one by Ron White that reads, “There are two kinds of comics; there are the ones who build bridges, and then there are the people who walk across the bridges as though they built them. The bridge builders are few and far between. “
This year, we aim to celebrate those very bridge builders that Ron White talks about. To give a platform to ideas that bridge the gap in a world that is becoming increasingly fragmented everyday. These are people who have broken boundaries to create their own version of reality, bridging the gap between their ideas and their innovation. To recognize the ones, not necessarily who have achieved the greatest success, but those who have made the greatest impact. 

Find the connection between creativity and science, between personal and political and between effort and success.

Find your common ground: 23rd February, 2017 – TEDxJGU.

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