ILS Pune announces LLM Short Case Analysis Competition, 2016-17 for LLM students in Maharashtra

ILS announces the LLM Short Case Analysis Competition, 2016-17  being organised for LLM students in Maharashtra. The competition is designed at the State Level, with the entire three-step process, i.e. registration, case alternatives choice and submission being online, over email.

Detailed steps:


a.Kindly register yourself individually by sending a mail with Full Name, College Name and Roll Number to

In case of any techincal or otherwise problem, you may also register by sending, Full Name and Roll Number, through SMS or WhatsApp message to Saranya Mishra at (+91) 7506228224.

The last date of registration is 9th February 2017.

2. Case Alternative Choice:

a.The cases shall be disclosed only to the registered participants on 10th February 2017, via email.

b.For the purpose of the Competition any of the alternative would have to be chosen by the participant and conveyed to the organiser via email.

The cases are primarily based on the theme of General Public Law.


a.A Short Case Analysis of the chosen case has to be submitted by 28th February 2017.

b.Word Limit for the Submission is 500-600 words.

Evaluation break up is as follows:

  1. Comprehension of the underlying essence of the case


  1. Research undertaken (in terms of the precedents found) and cited in the write-up


  1. Writing skills, i.e.

  1. Content

  2. Logical sequencing

  3. Language and Grammar

  4. Amalgamation of ideas

  5. Creativity

10 for each sub head=50

Prizes for the competition are sponsored by SCC Online/Eastern Book Company.

Student Coordinator: Saranya Mishra

Faculty Coordinator: Ms. Priya Sondhi

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