Telangana Government asks NALSAR to revise the Agricultural Markets Act, 1966

The Government of Telangana has asked NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad to review, revise and redraft  “The Telangana (Agricultural Produce & Livestock) Markets Act, 1966”. In this regard, the Telangana Government has issued G.O. Rt. No. 54 dated 31-01-2017.

Earlier, the Government of Telangana had asked NALSAR to suggest amendments to the Telangana (Agricultural Produce & Livestock) Markets Rules, 1969. The scope of work was then limited to suggesting amendments to the Rules necessitated by certain amendments carried out in the Principal Act [i.e. The Telangana (Agricultural Produce & Livestock) Markets Act, 1966] to suit the implementation of National Agricultural Markets (NAM)Scheme of the Government of India. NALSAR has already submitted the revised Rules to Telangana Government.

While framing the Rules in tune with the Telangana (Agricultural Produce and Livestock’s) Markets (Amendment) Act, 2016, NALSAR has come across various Rules framed that are inconsistent with the provisions of the principal Act. Further, NALSAR observed that the definitions provided in Section 2 of the Act do not have any reference to the operating part of the sections which give effect to implementation of the law. NALSAR also found several gaps in the Principal Act that need to be filled up in order to meet the present day requirements such as regulation of e-markets, e-tendering and e-transport. It is also felt that the Rules framed shall be in conformity with the parent Act, for ensuring that no action taken by the authorities in questioned as ultra vires the parent Act.

Keeping these in view, NALSAR suggested that a comprehensive review of the Act has to be undertaken to remove all such inconsistencies to enable effective implementation of the said Act. The same was accepted by the Telangana government and issued orders vide G.O.Rt.No. 54 dated 31-01-2017 . NALSAR has already commenced the work and conducting extensive legal research by studying judgments rendered by the Hon’ble Supreme Court and various High Courts on the subject. Besides, similar legislations of 20 other States are also being studied. NALSAR is also planning to convene a stakeholders meet shortly, involving Judges, Advocates, Academicians, NGOs, Farmers, Farmers Welfare Associations, Trade Unions, Scientists etc. to seek their views and inputs. In this regard, NALSAR is planning to bring out much simpler and more effective legislation.

NALSAR considers this as a prestigious and challenging assignment and thanks the Government of Telangana in general and the Hon’ble Minister for Irrigation and Agricultural Marketing Shri T.Harish Rao Guru for the confidence and trust reposed on NALSAR and giving this challenging task which is going to touch the entire people of the State in some way or the other.

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