Authorities bound to follow prescribed rule of law and principle laid down by courts while investigating and filing charge-sheets

Gujarat High Court: In the matter of a criminal offence where  the applicant pleaded for some affirmative action to be taken towards his registered complaint, the Single  Bench of J.B. Pardiwala J., ordered the police to work according to the rule of law and also follow the principles elaborated by the Courts.

In the present case the applicant approached the court for seeking action upon his complaint filed in the police station and also pleaded before the court to issue some directions to the authorities so that proper action should be taken against the respondents. The Court relied on the case of Yunusbhai Usmanbhai Shaikh v. State of Gujarat, 2015(3) GLR 2512, and directed the  police to comply with the principles as explained by the Court. The Court ordered the Investigating Officer to carry the investigation and not to take any coercive steps against the applicant. The Court also cleared its view point and said if the Investigating Officer decides to file the charge-sheet, he shall follow the principles as explained by this Court. [Aamad Aziz Nasal Puriya v. State of Gujarat, CR. MA No. 34280 of 2016, decided on 26.12.2016]

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