Dignified behavior, obedience to the norms of professional ethics and sustenance of decorum of the institution necessary to ensure faith in judicial system

Supreme Court: Stressing upon the necessity of dignified behavior, obedience to the norms of professional ethics and sustenance of decorum of the institution, the bench of Dipak Misra and C. Nagappan, JJ held that all these combined stabilize the nobility of the profession and ensure the faith in the justice delivery system which is extremely dear to a civilized society.

The facts of the present case pertain to unwarranted speeches rendered, letters written or the statements given by the appellant. he has unequivocally expressed his regret and rendered unconditional apology. Later, in an affidavit filed by the affidavit, he had explicitly and unambiguously stated that on certain occasions, he might have spoken with emotion but his respect and regard for the institution is extremely high. It was also admitted by him that he was under the impression that he was making a genuine effort to protect the interest of the institution.

Referring to the words of Demosthenes, the famous Greek thinker who had had said ‘articulation has to be sincere and honest’, the court exonerated the appellant but also stated that the appellant should constantly remind himself that the standing and dignity of the Court matter to the nation and also to the collective. [Yatin Narendra Oza v. Khemchand Rajaram Koshti,2016 SCC OnLine SC 896, decided on 31.08.2016]

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    everything is right, but judiciary need to follow its responsibility and transparency in system, therefore people have faith in it…..

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