Justice Manjula Chellur appointed as Chief Justice of the Bombay High Court

The President in exercise of the powers conferred by clause (1) of article 222 of the Constitution of India, in consultation with the Chief Justice of India, appointed Shrimati Justice Manjula Chellur, Chief Justice of the Calcutta High Court, as the Chief Justice of the Bombay High Court and directed her to assume charge of the office of the Chief Justice of the Bombay High Court on or before 24th August, 2016.

Ministry of Law and Justice


  • The Transfer Order of the Chief Justice of any particular High Court to The High Court of the desired High Court by the PRESIDENT of India – cannot make any of matter of personal dishappyness/happyness at all.

  • Chief Justice,High Court at Calcutta is transferred to High Court, at Mumbai as Chief Justice within 24/08/2016 cannot be a matter of Dishappyness/Happyness of an Advocate.

  • Good dear medim ab aap indian judishiyari ko bachaane me help kre most of lowyer and judje are currept and they are destroying the faith in law ,only for their own swarth and not helping country to grow

  • I would love if the legal education is improved as new lawyers standards are not up to mark is my grievance, as i cannot entrust legal work to my juniors today; i have to personally supervice every step.

  • i am very happy to see her in Bombay high court.

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