Articles Published in 2016 SCC Vol. 6 July 21, 2016 Part 4

  • ICLR’S 150th  Anniversary: Talk delivered on the occasion to commemorate the 150th anniversary of ICLR at Lincoln’s Inn, London, UK on 6-10-2015. [Reflections on the ICLR Top Fifteen Cases: A Talk to Commemorate the ICLR’S 150th  Anniversary by Lord Neuberger, (2016) 6 SCC (J-1)]
  • Clinical Drug Trials in India: In today’s post-modern world, globalisation has diffused into the field of science and technology. Clinical trials are no longer confined within the territorial bounds of various countries. India has positioned itself for full utilisation of its abundant resource like English-speaking medical professional, large and diverse participant population, etc. Advocating development of science and technology for the welfare of masses is to be juxtaposed with prioritisation of the sacrosanct notions of autonomy and life. It is recommended in this article that there should be consolidation of laws along with establishment of fast-track compensatory mechanism. Other recommendations regarding the issue have also been made by the author. [Clinical Drug Trials in India: Need For Regulatory Reform by Tushar Khanna, (2016) 6 SCC (J-20)]


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