India signs tripartite agreement with Iran and Afghanistan to turn the Chabahar port into a transit hub

India signed a historic deal to develop the strategic port of Chabahar in Iran and agreed on a three-nation pact to build a transport-and-trade corridor through Afghanistan that could help halve the time and cost of doing business with Central Asia and Europe.

In the speech given by PM Modi, he stated that the full spectrum of connectivity agenda between Iran, Afghanistan and India should span:

  • from culture to commerce;
  • from traditions to technology;
  • from Investments to IT;
  • from services to strategy; and
  • from people to politics.

In a way, it is a pledge to:

  • Realize the imperative of better connectivity;
  • Establish peace and create stability;
  • Build economic prosperity and engineer new trade ties;
  • Curb radicalism and remove shadows of terror; and
  • Break barriers and spread sweetness of familiarity among our people.

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