Indonesia is changing its patent law which will be expected to include:

  • A requirement to mention in the description  the origins of any genetics resources and/ or traditional knowledge when inventions are derivatives of the two.
  • Patents will be able to be used as collateral in financial instruments such as loans. This has already been preceded by similar language in 2014 law on copyright.
  • Inventions by civil servants will be ownd by the government where an inventor reward system will be created.
  • An online patent filing system is expected to be rolled out by the DGIP by the second half of the year. At the moment copyright applications and trademark renewals can already be filed online.

Other changes are also expected to strengthen compulsory licensing of patents when an epidemic occurs in a less developed or least development country. Exports will be made possible for patents granted in Indonesia that can be produced in country and only for those countries in these two categories.

Note by Hadromi and Adnan Intellectual Property Group.  For more information contact  

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