In an attempt to implement the judgment of Madras High Court in United India Insurance Co. Ltd. v. Sagicor Capital Life Insurance Co. Ltd. 2013 SCC OnLine Mad 956, whereby a Single Bench of Sudhakar J. had suggested the adoption of e-Court-fee payment system for Madras High Court, all Civil Courts including the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal, the Government of Tamil Nadu has introduced the Tamil Nadu Court-fees and Suits Valuation (Amendment) Bill, 2016 before the State Legislative Assembly of Tamil Nadu. The Bill aims to provide for the payment of court fees through e-stamps by making the following amendments to the existing legislation:

  1. The expression “stamps” under Section 74 is to be substituted with “stamps or e-stamp”.
  2. The expression “or e-stamp” is to be inserted under Section 75.

The amendment, if passed, would pave the way for introducing e-stamps without obliterating the use of impressed/adhesive stamps.

-Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly

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