The Constitution (Scheduled Castes) Orders Amendment Act, 2014 received the assent of the President on 17 December 2014.  The objective of the Act is to amend the Constitution (Scheduled Castes) Order, 1950 and the Constitution (Sikkim) Scheduled Castes Order, 1978. The Act provides for Omission of Entry 3 in the Schedule to the Constitution (Sikkim) Scheduled Castes Order, 1978, as well as following amendments in various Parts of the Schedule to the Constitution (Scheduled Castes) Order, 1950:

In Part VIII- Kerala

  • Substitution of “Palluvan, Pulluvan” instead of “Palluvan” in Entry 46.
  • Substitution of “Thandan (excluding Ezhuvas and Thiyyas who are known as Thandan, in the erstwhile Cochin and Malabar areas) and Carpenters who are known as Thachan, in the erstwhile Cochin and Travancore State), Thachar (other than Carpenter)” instead of “Thandan” in Entry 61.

In Part IX- Madhya Pradesh

·        Substitution of “Dahait, Dahayat, Dahat, Dahiya” instead of “Dahait, Dahayat, Dahat” in Entry 18.

In Part XIII- Orrisa

  • Substitution of “Orissa” with “Odisha”.
  • Substitution of “Amant, Amat, Dandachhatra Majhi, Amata, Amath” instead of “Amant, Amat, Dandachhatra, Majhi” in Entry 2.
  • Substitution of “Bedia, Bejia, Bajia” instead of “Bedia, Bejia” in Entry 13.
  • Substitution of “Jaggali, Jaggili, Jagli” instead of “Jaggali” in Entry 41.
  • Substitution of “Pan, Pano, Buna Pana, Desua Pana, Buna Pano” instead of ““Pan, Pano, Buna Pana, Desua Pana” in Entry 69.

In Part XVII – Tripura

  • Substitution of “Chamar, Muchi, Chamar-Rohidas, Chamar-Ravidas” instead of “Chamar, Muchi” in Entry 4.
  • Substitution of “Dhoba, Dhobi” instead of “Dhoba” in Entry 7.
  • Substitution of “Jalia Kaibarta, Jhalo-Malo” instead of “Jalia Kaibarta” in Entry 12.

-Ministry of Law & Justice.



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