Directions issued for the purpose of controlling increasing air pollution in the NCT of Delhi

National Green Tribunal: While raising concern over the increase in air pollution in the NCT of Delhi which are injurious to human health, particularly to lungs and ENT diseases, NGT has suggested the Committee headed by Secretary, MoEF to come out with an Action Plan at the earliest. Meanwhile, the Tribunal issued certain directions for the purpose of providing clean air to the people such as,

  •  Banned all the vehicles which are more than 15 year old to ply on the roads or park in any public places.
  •  Banned burning of Plastic and any other material including tree leaves in an open area.
  • Directed the Respondents to build cycle tracks in Delhi and efforts should be made to encourage cycling in Delhi.
  •  NCT, Delhi and DPCC directed to create a web portal where any person aggrieved can take photographs and upload the same and bring it to the notice of the authorities.
  •  Directed Commissioner of Police of Delhi, NCT of Delhi, Municipal Authorities and DPCCs to ensure that tarred roads for regular traffic not to be used for parking which causes avoidable congestion of traffic.
  • All agencies should ensure that there should be only one side of parking and sufficient space is left for atleast both way carriage and there should be  free flow of traffic and should not be obstructed by excessive and unregulated parking on the road.
  • Ministries, NCT of Delhi and DPCC directed to examine the possibility of installation of air purifiers in all the markets and crowded places or where the traffic load is heavier.
  • Automatic or censor based weigh bridges shall be installed immediately on all the entries and exit point of Delhi

Vardhaman Kaushik vs. Union of India,  decided on 26.11.2014

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