Wakf Tribunal has the jurisdiction over matters relating to, both, registered and unregistered Wakfs

Andhra Pradesh High Court- Deciding a case disputing the jurisdiction of the A.P. State Wakf Tribunal (Tribunal) in relation to the unregistered Wakfs, the Court held that Section 2 of the A.P. Wakf Act, 1995 applies to all the Wakfs in India irrespective of their registration. Stating that a Masjid or Mosque is a place of worship of God and it is not capable of human ownership or possession, the Court held that a Masjid or Mosque is a Wakf whether it is or not registered as defined in the Wakf Act, 1955 and the Tribunal has jurisdiction to try cases related to unregistered Wakfs also. S. Manikya Reddy v. A.P. State Wakf Board, Writ Petition No. 29937 of 2013, decided on 28-04-2014

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