Constitution of India — Art. 21 — Right to Reputation

Right to reputation is an inseparable facet of Art. 21. Recording of disparaging remarks by Single Judge which were affirmed by Division Bench of High Court against appellant Chief Minister which were unnecessary to adjudicate upon issues, visiting him with adverse consequences in proceedings where he was not impleaded as party, is improper. When court deals with matter which is likely to affect person’s reputation, normative principles of law should be cautiously and carefully adhered to which should be sans emotions and sans populist perception and absolutely in accord with doctrine of audi alteram partem before anything adverse is recorded. Expunction of such remarks, directed. When caustic observations are made which are not necessary as integral part of adjudication and it affects person’s reputation, a cherished right under Art. 21 is violated. Om Prakash Chautala v. Kanwar Bhan, (2014) 5 SCC 417

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