On February 17, 2021, the Major Port Authorities Act, received the assent of the President which will replace the previous Major Port Trusts Act, 1963.

Purpose of the Act: The Act is enacted to provide for regulation, operation and planning of Major Ports in India and to vest the administration, control and management of such ports upon the Boards of Major Port Authorities and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

Key Features:

  1. Constitution and Composition of Board of Major Port Authority.
  2. Management and Administration: The Board must after every five years prepare and submit to the Central Government a list of employees of the Board of Major Port Authority indicating therein the designations and grade of employees, the salaries, fees and allowances
  3. Board to be deemed as successor of Board of Trustees of Major Port.
  4. Scale of rates for assets and services must be available at Major Port.
  5. Board for the amount of all rates leviable in respect of any goods and for the rent due to such Board for any buildings, plinths stacking areas must have a lien on such goods and may seize and detain the same until such rates and rents are fully paid.
  6. Constitution of Adjudicatory Board to carry out the residual function of the erstwhile TAMP (Tariff Authority for Major Ports), to look into disputes between ports and PPP concessionaires.
  7. Powers of Board: The Board is empowered to use its property, assets and funds as deemed fit for the development of the major port. The Board can also make rules on:
    • declaring availability of port assets for port related activities and services,
    • developing infrastructure facilities such as setting up new ports, jetties, and
    • providing exemption or remission from payment of any charges on any goods or vessels.

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