On 13 & 14 February 2021, the FREE “Two Day Legal Due Diligence Workshop” is being organized by the Management Consulting Club, popularly known as MC Club. MC Club is a student-run initiative, by the students of K. C. Law College.

The workshop is intended for all law students who want to deepen their understanding of how the due diligence process is carried out in the corporate world. The framework of the workshop is quite practical and encompasses everything from tax-related issues to hygiene checks in the event of mergers and acquisitions. The day one session will be followed by a Case study which is to be discussed next day of the Workshop.

The workshop will be led by two of the industry’s accomplished speakers:

Ms. Yesha Gandhi :

She presently serves as an Independent Legal Consultant with the experience of working with Empliance LLP on Legal Due Diligence. She has been training hundreds of people on how to be a step ahead in the process of executing due diligence and foreseeing legal ramifications in the way.

CS Tarun Singh:

An experienced Company Secretary, Tarun is working as a Manager heading the Compliance and Audits Department at his firm. He is passionate to forward the era of Corporate Governance and has been through all the phases in the world of legal compliance; ready to equip you act in hindsight.

The Workshop is free, although, registration for the same is necessary.

Click here for registration

The workshop’s key goals are:

  • What all aspects does Legal due diligence expand to?
  • How to be at least two steps ahead of everyone in the process, even with limited information?
  • What is Legal Due Diligence’s end goal?
  • Why is it imperative for Legal Due Diligence to be conducted?
  • How is it beneficial for the investors?
  • How to execute Legal Due Diligence?

Link to Register: HERE

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