Jayanti Bose Raskhit, the grand niece of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose will release a book on Gumnami Baba in Lucknow on Sunday 3rd of December. The book has been authored by Adheer Som.

From 1955 to 1985, a strange holy man lived secretly, namelessly, in various parts of Uttar Pradesh.When he died, they named him ‘Gumnami Baba’—The Unnamed Saint. He has a museum to his name now. But his name remains a mystery…Was India’s most legendary unknown man none other than its long-lost hero, leader and liberator, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose? You decide.

Extract from the Foreword:

 …I, many of the Bose family and millions of Indians have long been of the firm view that Netaji did not die in a plane crash at Taihoku Aerodrome on 18 August 1945, for the simple and excellent reason that there was no plane crash at Taihoku Aerodrome on 18 August 1945…On 22 September, I appeared before the “Gumnami Baba” Commission of Inquiry. Deposing as Commission’s Witness no. 1, I stated on oath that the nameless saint might well have been none other than Netaji…
– Jayanti Bose Rakshit, Grand-niece of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.


‘At once terrifying, mesmerising and exhilarating… Som’s scalpel cuts one of modern India’s greatest mysteries to the bone.’ – Shiv Aroor, INDIA TODAY

‘Gumnami Baba is one of the most fascinating characters of contemporary Indian history. Som’s chronicle of his remarkable journey has to be a bestseller!’ – Pravin Kumar, THE TIMES OF INDIA

‘Gumnami Baba has attracted equal levels of interest and intrigue over the years. This book peels back the veils with stunning insight.’ – Kushan Mitra, THE PIONEER

Pre-order your copy here: https://www.ebcwebstore.com/product_info.php?products_id=99021500&trk_bn=1: 

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One comment

  • Declassification of all Netaji files may prove that JAPAN AND BRIT JOINTLY PLAYED A FOUL GAME WITH NETAJI ; In WW-I, JAPAN was a Britis ally. Before WW-II, Japan -US trade war and political war started; this led to actual US-JAPAN war. So Britis became an enemy to JAPAN by diplomatic manipulation as US-Britis alliance was there. After WW-II, JAPAN revived their old link with Britis . JAPAN and Brit spies were well linked before WW-II. JAPAN SPIES AGREED TO ELIMINATE NETAJI . Motive was to appease Brit and purchase security for JAPAN royal family. So, JAPAN HANDED OVER NETAJI TO BRITIS AND BRITIS EXECUTED HIM IN SECRETE. False news of air crash was JAPAN fabrication. In any controversial case, liar is to be suspected. NETAJI plan to start second independence war with USSR help was known to Japan . So, Brit and JAPAN spies developed a common minimum program against pro-SOCIALIST agenda of NETAJI . Why should JAPAN imperialism agree to patronize emergence of independent India as a permanent communist ally? Is it not more logical to fulfill Britis condition and purchase favor? Why JAPAN royal family was not tried as a war criminal? What is the mystery behind this favor?
    There is another point about gumnami baba. Who was he? He was a dummy created as a part of common minimum program of JAPAN and Brit imperialism. In axis camp, creation of dummy by plastic surgery was a common practice. Hitler and Mussolini were having number of dummies. JAPAN sold NETAJI -dummy to Britis . Britis deputed this dummy at faizabad of UP, with a purpose to create confusion regarding NETAJI . This confusion prevented nation to be doubtful about role of JAPAN or Brit. So, gumnami baba of faizabad is a common creation of JAPAN and Brit spies. Never had he told truth. If he had told anything, that must be lie. In a controversial case, liar is to be suspected. So, JAPAN SOLD NETAJI TO BRITIS AND BRITIS EXECUTED HIM IN SECRET. JAPAN sold NETAJI -dummy to Britis and Britis deputed him at faizabad of UP. JAPAN SURRENDERED TO US-UK SIDE ON 15-AUG-1945. NETAJI’s last flight was on 18-aug-1945. A SURRENDERED JAPAN WAS NO LONGER AN ALLY OF AZAD HIND. They worked as per their new mentors, the Britis.

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