Karnataka High Court
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“It is a fact that a session of hookah is more harmful than a pack of cigarettes (…) If it is 200 puffs per session, it is equivalent to 100 cigarettes, in any of these sessions. Hookah, is, as addictive as a cigarette; as harmful as a cigarette; has the same chemicals as a cigarette”.

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“The purpose of display of distasteful, gross, graphic anti-tobacco imagery in health spots played during the screening of movies and TV programmes is only to make people aware of the ailments and ill-effects of consuming tobacco and tobacco products and to show them what tobacco can do to their health.”

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Telangana High Court
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    Telangana High Court: M Laxman, J. allowed the appeal and remanded the matter for adjudication on merits and held that

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Kerala High Court: While addressing a matter for an offence alleged under Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act, Juvenile Justice Act and

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The target envisaged in National Health Policy, 2017 for a relative reduction in prevalence of current tobacco use is 30% by 2025.

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Allahabad High Court: A Single Judge Bench comprising of Mithlesh Kumar Tiwari, J. while allowing a petition quashed the impugned order whereby

Supreme Court

Supreme Court: In the present case, the Court set aside  the decision of Bombay, Madras and Gujarat High Courts barring the restaurants