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The Petitioner claimed to be the successor and heir of the Beswan family and claims property rights to the Beswan Avibhajya Rajya as its ruler, which consists of United Province of Agra running between river Yamuna and Ganga from Agra to Meerut, Aligarh, Bulandshahr including, 65 revenue estates of Delhi Gurgaon and Uttarakhand.

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Kerala High Court was not satisfied with the petitioner’s claims of being an adopted daughter of the deceased.

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This report covers the Supreme Court's Never Reported Judgment dating back to the year 1951 on whether the property acquired through invalid adoption, will be considered as joint family property.

Karnataka High Court
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Karnataka High Court: In the instant petition for quashment, the issue arose that whether a legal heir should be permitted to come

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Supreme Court: In a case where a married daughter of the deceased was claiming compassionate appointment, the bench of MR Shah* and

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Bombay High Court: Ravindra V. Ghuge, J., decides a matter as to whether the benefit of compassionate appointment can be granted to

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Allahabad High Court: The Division Bench of Dr Kaushal Jayendra Thaker and Ajit Singh, JJ., while setting aside a decree of divorce

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Delhi High Court:  In reference of a matter to Full Bench concerning locus standi of private parties to maintain appeals by virtue