Grounds of Arrest in UAPA Offences
Experts CornerVasanth Rajasekaran

by Vasantha Rajasekaran† and Harshvardhan Korada††

Punjab and Haryana High Court
Case BriefsHigh Courts

“In the present case, the Special Court has taken into account the nature of the case against the petitioner and factum of his non-cooperation and other relevant factors while remanding the petitioner into police custody.”

Delhi High Court
Case BriefsHigh Courts

Delhi High Court clarified that it is a legal matter between the petitioner and the Directorate of Enforcement, not a conflict between political parties. It stressed the need for the court to maintain its focus on the legal merits of the case, without being influenced by political dynamics.

Case BriefsSupreme Court

“Non furnishing of grounds of arrest in writing till the date of pronouncement of judgment in Pankaj Bansal case could neither be held to be illegal, nor the action of the officer concerned in not furnishing the same in writing could be faulted with.”